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Car Cabin Air Filter

The automotive cabin air filters are used for air purification in the car compartment. Filtering the air entering the cabin from the outside to improves the cleanliness of the air. The general filtering substances refer to impurities contained in the air, such as tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust. Car Cabin air filter prevents these substances to destroy the air-conditioning system, provides a good air environment and keeps health for the passengers, even prevents the glass from fogging for car air conditioning system.

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Cabin Air Filter Key Features

Provide fresh air: It can prevent the vehicle glass from being covered with water vapor, so that the driver has a clear vision and safe driving. It can supply fresh air to the driver's room to prevent the driver and passenger from inhaling harmful gases and ensure driving safety. It can effectively extinguish bacteria deodorization.

Ensure safety and hygiene. It can ensure that the air in the cab is clean without breeding bacteria, creating a healthy environment. It can effectively separate solid impurities such as dust, core powder, and abrasive particles in the air. It can effectively intercept pollen to ensure that drivers and passengers will not Allergic reactions affect driving safety.

Adsorption of harmful substances. It can absorb moisture, soot, ozone, odor, carbon oxides, SO2, CO2, etc. in the air. It has strong and durable moisture absorption.

Filtration of solid impurities. The filter element of the car air conditioner can stick to the shell to ensure that the unfiltered air does not enter the compartment. It can separate solid impurities such as dust, pollen, and abrasive particles in the air.

Common Faults of Auto Cabin Air Filter And How To Resolve?

1). The gear of the air conditioner has been opened enough, but the air output for cooling or heating is very small. The possible reason is that the ventilation effect of the auto cabin air filter used is poor, or the cabin air filter has been used for a long time and has not been replaced in time.

2). The air blown by the air conditioner has a peculiar smell. The reason may be that the air conditioner system has not been used for a long time, the internal system and automotive cabin air filters are moldy due to moisture. It is recommended to clean the air conditioning system and replace the cabin air filter.

3). Even if the car cabin air filterr has just been replaced, the internal circulation cannot remove the air odor from the outside and the interior. The reason may be that the ordinary type of cabin air filter is used. It is recommended to use the activated carbon series of cabin air filter.

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