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fuel injectors

Fuel Injectors

Automotive Fuel Injector, is a part that injects fuel into the engine cylinder. It also is a simple solenoid valve. When the solenoid coil is energized, the suction force is generated, the needle valve is sucked up, the nozzle hole is opened, and the fuel is ejected at a high speed through the annular gap between the needle and the nozzle hole at the head of the needle valve, forming mist and is conducive to full combustion.

The fuel injector itself is a normally closed valve, that is when no control signal is input, the valve is always closed. While the normally open valve is when there is no input control signal, the valve is always open, and a valve needle moves up and down to control the valve opening and closing. When the engine ECU sends a fuel injection command, its voltage signal will cause the current to flow through the coil in the fuel injector to generate a magnetic field to suck up the valve needle, so that the valve can be opened and the fuel can be ejected from the fuel injection hole.

The biggest advantage of fuel injectors produced and sold by MAPMS is that the fuel supply control is very precise so that the automobile fuel system can have the correct air-fuel ratio in any state, which not only keeps the engine running smoothly, but also the exhaust gas can meet the specification of environmental regulations.

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Fuel Injectors Features

Strong self-cleaning ability, the nozzle holes are not easy to deposit carbon and block.

High performance of injection characteristics with good injection angle and good atomization effect.

Easy to clean.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Injectors?

  • Engine Jitter

When the fuel injector is damaged and the fuel injection is not smooth, the engine will have symptoms such as running jitter during the working process.

  • Power Drop and Fuel Consumption Increase

Once fuel injector is damaged, the fuel injection amount and fuel injection pressure cannot be guaranteed, which will cause the symptoms of vehicle power drop and fuel consumption increase.

  • Increased Exhaust Emission Pollution

The failure of fuel injector will inevitably affect the mixing and combustion of combustible gas mixtures, which will result in an increase in vehicle exhaust emissions.

  • Difficulty Starting or Even Stalling

If the fuel injector is seriously damaged, the vehicle will have difficulty in starting, or even suddenly stall during driving.

  • The Engine Lacks Cylinders 

If the fuel injectors of individual cylinders are seriously damaged, the engine is very likely to have cylinder shortages, which will cause the engine to shake violently.

  • Black Smoke from Car Exhaust

As the damage of the fuel injector, the atomization of fuel and the mixing with air cannot be guaranteed, so the combustible mixture cannot be completely burned, resulting in black smoke from the vehicle.

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