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turn signal switches

Turn Signal Switches

The clockwise lever of the turn signal switch turns right, the counterclockwise lever turns left, pushes the lever outwards for high beam, and pulls the lever inward for alternating far and near. The arrow position on the left side of the rotary lever is the driving light and the position light, and the other arrow position is the fog light. Basicly, position lights, tail lights and instrument cluster lights, headlights, fog lights, turn signals, high beams are all integrated on it, which is easy to understand. The hazard warning light switch is in the center of the car headlight parts center console.

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Key Features of Turn Signal Switches

Durable and not easily damaged.

The design of top right bottom left is ergonomic and in line with human usage habits.

How To Solve The Poor Contact Of The Turn Signal Lever?

In such a situation, try to remove the turn signal lever part for cleaning, because there are turn signal touch pieces in the parts, and the touch pieces are generally made of copper. In long-term of use, the surface of the copper touch sheet will become black and air oxidized. After removing it, try to clean the air oxidation position with ethanol. If it can't be wiped clean, you can use new sandpaper to remove the gray-black metal oxideto solve poor contact.

How to disassembly and assembly of the light combination switch handle?

1. Remove the vehicle airbag. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the holes on both sides of the steering wheel, then gradually remove the car airbag and pull out the electric shock accident connection between the airbag and the speaker.

2. Remove the steering wheel. Use the socket specification to remove the steering wheel screws, and then remove the steering wheel. Special attention must be paid to the fact that you need to put in the right direction before taking it out, otherwise it will endanger the installation afterwards.

3. Remove the spiral cable box. You can easily peel off the buckle to get the spiral cable box, and then unplug the upper and lower electrode connecting wires of the combination switch to remove the power switch smoothly.

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