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fuel filler caps

Fuel Filler Caps

The fuel filler cap is the cover of the fuel tank, which can automatically adjust the internal and external pressure balance of the fuel tank to avoid leakage caused by excessive internal pressure. If the gasket is damaged, the fuel gas will evaporate into the air. If the vacuum valve is damaged and air cannot get into the tank, the partial vacuum that builds up in the tank can create a groove. Materials can be made of engineering plastics or metal materials. Generally available with lock, with ventilation and without ventilation.

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Key Features of Fuel Filler Caps

Automatically adjusts the pressure balance inside and outside the fuel tank.

Strong corrosion resistance.

Good sealing, no fuel leakage.

Gasket and vacuum valve are not easily damaged and have a long life.

What's Wrong With The Car's Fuel Filler Cap Not Popping Out?

  • The fuel filler cap of some models is controlled by the central door lock system, it is likely to fail to pop open due to the failure of the central door lock.

  • The fuel filler cap is popped up by the motor. If the motor is damaged due to natural aging and lack of lubricating oil, the fuel filler cap cannot be popped out. The solution is to replace the new motor.

  • The fuel filler cap is stuck and cannot be opened. You can press the remote control key to unlock it, and at the same time press the fuel filler cap by hand to open it. If the fuel filler cap is severely stuck, you can use some cards or objects to pry it open.

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