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tire pressure monitoring system sensors

Tire-Pressure Monitoring System Sensors

The tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) sensor refers to a sensor that uses a tire pressure monitoring system to realize real-time monitoring of tire pressure. This sensor includes a bridge-type electronic air pressure sensing device that senses air pressure, which converts the tire air pressure signal into an electrical signal, and transmits the signal through a wireless transmitter to ensure driving safety. It is a soc module that integrates a semiconductor pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, a digital signal processing unit and a power manager, and some add an asic digital signal processing unit with acceleration sensors, voltage detection and other functions in the module.

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Key Features of Tire-Pressure Monitoring System Sensors

Wireless Smart Propagation

with function of anti-interference and strong signal without dropping data

Prevent the vehicle from deviating

Prevent sidewall bulging

Long battery life

Save fuel

How To Test Tire-Pressure Monitoring System Sensors

When the car starts, each tire pressure sensor will transmit the tire pressure, tire temperature and other information to the tire pressure monitoring system receiver through the wifi signal, make corresponding specific analysis to display them on the alarm system display screen according to the specific situation and warnings. If the tire pressure sensor fails or is damaged, the tire pressure will not be detected. Some cars will indicate the alarm reminder of the tire pressure sensor failure, and some vehicles will not indicate the tire pressure information content on the dashboard. So, how to detect tire pressure sensor?

(1) Connect the car diagnostic interface to the decoder, clear the fault code and read the fault code of the tire pressure sensor. If the fault code persists, the tire pressure sensor is faulty.

(2) Use the decoder to read the communication signal of tire pressure. If there is no communication or signal, the tire pressure sensor returns to normal after replacement, indicating that the tire pressure sensor is faulty. If there is still no signal after replacement, continue to check the signal receiving module of the tire pressure sensor.

(3) Disassemble the tire pressure sensor, check whether the appearance is damaged, if damaged, replace the tire pressure sensor.

In the whole process of driving, if the tire pressure sensor fails or is damaged, and the tire leaks steam, it will damage the tire and probably cause danger.

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