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windshield wiper switches

Windshield Wiper Switches

The wiper switch is usually located on the right side of the steering wheel of the vehicle. It is a joystick-type switch. Just move the joystick up or down to turn on the wipers. When not in use, turn the joystick in the opposite direction. The wiper opening method will also vary in different models. The wiper switch has a total of 4 gears, which are specifically divided into closed gear, automatic stop gear, continuous working gear and continuous high-speed working gear.

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Key Features of Windshield Wiper Switches

Durable and not easily damaged.

The design of top right bottom left is ergonomic and in line with human usage habits.

Different gears fit for different weather, improve fuel echnomy.

How Does A Windshield Wiper Switch Work?

The control module operates the wiper relay. The relay sends 12-volt power to the wiper motor. Wiper transmission mechanism (linkage). The motor rotates a little arm (see the diagram) that through links moves the wiper arms.

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