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Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs

Types of Spark Plugs

How Often Do The Spark Plugs Need To Be Changed?

As one of auto spare parts, the car spark plug is the heart of a car engine. In order to output power from the car engine, the spark must ignite the fuel-air mixture in the car engine cylinder, so that there will be power output. The bigger the spark, the more stable the fuel-air mixture is and the easier it is to ignite. After the spark plug is used for a long time, it is difficult to generate sparks and needs to be replaced in time. Generally speaking, different grades of spark plugs have different replacement times. How Often Do The Spark Plugs Need To Be Changed?


1. The low-end spark plugs should be replaced once every 20,000 kilometers.


The low-end spark plugs are all nickel alloys. Due to its low price, this metal is generally used on low-end spark plugs, and its service life is generally designed to be 20,000 kilometers. Many car owners run out of it in about a year. Although low-end spark plugs are cheap, it's better not to choose low-end spark plugs to be on the safe side.


2. The mid-level spark plug is replaced once every 60,000 kilometers.


Mid-level spark plugs last longer. These spark plugs are generally made by platinum, which is more expensive. Moreover, the possibility of ablation of platinum spark plugs is very small, and there are usually deposits, which is why platinum spark plugs can run 60,000 kilometers. Generally speaking, it is recommended to buy platinum spark plugs because they are economical and cost-effective.


3. High-end spark plugs are replaced once every 100,000 kilometers.


There is also one of the most expensive spark plugs, which are high-end spark plugs made of iridium. Iridium is a very corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant material, so iridium are chosen to make high-end spark plugs, but iridium spark plugs are expensive and are basically only used in large-displacement models, so not many people use iridium tipped spark plugs.


Although it is said that replacing the plugs of a car can save fuel and increase power, the improvement is not much. It is estimated that 1,000 liters can save about 1 liter. After all, the main function of spark plugs is to ignite, and many car engines do not match high-end spark plugs. Be sure to keep this in mind when replacing spark plugs. It is best to replace the spark plugs of the same grade as before, so that the performance is the best.



What Are Signs You Need To Change Your Spark Plugs?


After buying a vehicle, many car owners only know how to change the engine oil of the vehicle regularly. They are relatively unfamiliar with other aspects of maintenance, especially the spark plugs of the vehicle. So What Are Signs You Need To Change Your Car Spark Plugs?


Firstly, see if the engine has a "shake-up" phenomenon. The phenomenon of engine "shake-up" is that the car accelerates slowly and shifts slowly, the fuel consumption increases significantly, and sometimes black smoke may be emitted. If the above conditions occur, it means that the spark plug of a car is no longer in normal and should be replaced.


It is difficult to start or even impossible to start, or there is no regular flameout when idling. When starting the car, it is found that it is difficult to start, or even fails to start, which means that your car may have problems with more than one car plug, or multiple spark plugs. And when the car is idling forward, it is found that the car will  keep turning off, and there is no pattern to be found. In this case, it means that your spark plug has reached the end of its life and it is time to replace it with a new one.


Check the engine vibration. As a part of the car ignition system, the spark plug is mainly used to start the engine and provide power, so as to make the engine work. Therefore, if the car spark plug is normal, the engine runs smoothly, otherwise, the spark plug is damaged and needs to be replaced.

In fact, the life of the spark plug itself is not short. For example, the service life of resistance spark plugs is 20,000 kilometers, and that of platinum is 40,000 kilometers. Iridium spark plugs last longer, up to 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. But not every car is suitable for long-life spark plugs. It mainly depends on whether the engine of the car itself can work to the installed spark plugs. If can not, then installing spark plugs with a long life will not help.

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