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Throttle Position Sensors

The automotive Throttle Position Sensor is also known as throttle opening sensor or throttle switch. In order to make the fuel injection meet the requirements of different sensor for automotive working conditions, the EFI system is equipped with a throttle position sensor on the throttle body to check whether the engine is in idle condition or load condition, acceleration condition or deceleration condition. The opening of the throttle is converted into an electrical signal and sent to the ECU. Then ECU corrects the fuel injection amount or cuts off the fuel according to these working conditions.

The throttle of an automotive engine is operated by the driver through the accelerator pedal to change the air intake of the engine, so as to control the operation of the engine. Different throttle opening marks different engine operating conditions.

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Throttle Position Sensors Features

Sensitive detection of various engine working conditions.

Smooth acceleration, normal power.

High wear resistance and long life.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensors ?

  • Improper Installation And Adjustment

The throttle position sensor is improperly installed and adjusted, so that the idle switch is not closed when the throttle is fully closed, or the idle switch is still closed when the throttle has a certain opening.

  • Short Circuit or Open Circuit

Short circuit or open circuit of idle switch.

  • Loose Contact

The sliding contact of the linear variable resistance is poor, and the output signal of the throttle position sensor is intermittently interrupted during the process of the throttle from fully closed to fully open.

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