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trumpet horns

Trumpet Horns

The trumpet electric horn continuously vibrates through the diaphragm, thereby emitting sound waves of a certain tone, and the sound is reinforced through the soundboard and the speaker. The soundboard is rigidly connected to the diaphragm, and it emits accompanying sound when it vibrates, enhancing the volume and improving the timbre, making the sound pleasing to the ear. A capacitor is connected in parallel between the contacts. EIelectric car horn has the functions of extinguishing the arc, protecting the contacts, and improving the sound.

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Car Horn Trumpet Key Features

Sound waves come out from speakers.

The rigid connection between the soundboard and the diaphragm, the accompanying sound when vibrating, enhances the volume and improves the timbre, making the sound pleasing to the ear.

The capacitors connected in parallel between the contacts play the role of extinguishing the arc, protecting the contacts and improving the sound.

How To Test Trumpet Horns?


The main reasons why the electric horn, a type of car service spare parts, does not sound or the sound is hoarse are insufficient battery storage, damaged horn relays and buttons, damaged horn and so on. details as follows:

1. Check the sound of the horn. If you feel that the sound is not crisp, low and weak, it is mostly due to poor contact.

2. Press the switch of the horn repeatedly. If the horn sounds or does not sound sometimes, it is mostly because the contacts inside the switch are not in good contact.

3. Turn the steering wheel left and right, if there is a loud "hissing" friction sound, you can spray some grease to the relevant joints.

4. If the horn does not sound at all, first check the fuse to see if it is blown, then unplug the horn, and use a multimeter to measure whether there is electricity when the horn switch is pressed. If there is no electricity, check the horn wiring harness and horn relay. If there is electricity, it is the problem of the horn itself. At this time, you can also try to adjust the adjusting nut on the horn to see if it can make a sound. If the trumpet horn for car still does not sound, you need to replace the horn.

5. If the sound of the horn is dull, it is likely that the horn itself is faulty. At this time, as long as you knock the horn, most of them can be improved. The joints are all in poor contact, especially the wires around the steering wheel, which are prone to wear and tear due to frequent use.

6. The seal is not tight and it is easy to get damp. Although the interior of the horn is airtight, if the seal is not tight and wash the car, it is easy to enter the mist or there is water vapor in the air in the interior space, and the water vapor can easily cause the contacts to be damp and not work properly .

7. The working condition of the horn is related to the working condition of the battery when the car is at low speed. If the energy of the battery decreases, the sound of the horn also decreases. It is necessary to check whether the battery storage capacity is normal.

In addition, when pressing the horn button, you can use a multimeter or inspection light to check to see if there is electricity flowing to the terminals of the horn. If there is current flowing to the terminals, but the horn does not sound, use a adjust nut to adjust by steps below,

1. Loosen the fixing nut of the adjusting screw of the horn, and then turn the adjusting nut. The direction of rotation will vary depending on the function of the horn, so it's hard to tell which side to turn, but you have to turn it a little first, then try honking the horn to see, and then turn it further.

2. Fix the adjusting nut at the best place for the horn sound.

3. Fix the fixing nut of the screw.

4. If the volume is insufficient, measure the voltage at the terminals connected to the speaker, and compare it with the voltage of the battery. If the voltage is low, check the connection points and lines of the wiring.

As a reliable car spare parts and accessories supplier, we make sure after the above tests, the situation that the horn does not sound can basically be solved. Usually, we should pay attention to the ablation of each contact and the poor contact of the joint. MAPMS reminds that if the horn fails, try to seek the help of a professional maintenance technician, and do not blindly replace the horn. Also pay attention to the choice of speakers.

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