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rear wiper blades

Rear Wiper Blades

The back windshield wiper is the wiper of the rear windshield of the vehicle, which is usually equipped on SUVs, MPVs, hatchbacks. The influence of high-speed airflow must be considered before the rear wiper blade is application. The hatchback rear window has a relatively small inclination, is almost vertical, the high-speed airflow is just blocked by the hood when flows through the front of the car. As a part of aftermarket windshield wiper system, the rear wiper blades can be installed because of the wind speed is slow and has little effect on the rear wiper. But the rear window of the sedan is inclined, the wind speed is very fast during the driving process, which not only hinders the traveling, but also seriously affects the wiping performance.

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Key Features of Rear Wiper Blades

Make sure clear rear windshield view.

Uses the same reservoir as the front wiper nozzles, saving space and materials.

How To Replace The Rear Wiper?

1. Separate the back windshield wiper to be replaced from the swing arm.

Extend the swing arm to the maximum, bend the rear wiper blade to the same vertical direction as the swing arm, and then press it back. Be careful not to use too much force when pressing back, just a little force is enough.

2. Install new wipers.

Prepare the new back windshield wiper, find the middle shaft part of the wiper, and connect the middle shaft and the round hole in the swing arm. The positions of the two small bumps on the rear wiper blade should also be aligned with the corresponding rolling grooves of the swing arm.

3. After all connections, rotate the rear wiper to be almost perpendicular to the swing arm.

After the two are rotated to a vertical position, press it forward with a little force. When you hear a "click" sound, the rear wiper blade replacement is basically complete. Finally, move the connection between the two. If the movement is free, the replaced rear wiper will work normally.

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