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Ignition Coil Rubber Boots

MAPMS supplies car rubber boots for COP and pencil ignition coils, which is made of high-quality silicone, and with withstand high pressure over 40KV and high temperature up to 300 degrees. Bulk buy from ignition rubber boots MAMPS ignition coil factory.

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Ignition Rubber Boots Key Features

Choose high-quality silicone.

Withstand high voltage over 40KV.

High temperature resistance up to 300 degrees.

How To Preserve Ignition Coil Rubber Boot?

The life of the ignition rubber boots, one of important car ignition parts, is related to the high voltage of the spark plug. The discharge voltage of the spark plug mainly depends on the electrode gap and shape. If the electrode loss is too large, the discharge voltage will be too high, and the insulating sleeve and the coil will age at the same time.

In case of the harsh working environment of the ignition coil and spark plug, the spark plug is not replaced for a long time or the ignition coil is not inspected and maintained, the coil pack rubber boot of ignition coil will be aged and cracked, and the contact surface will be oxidized.

As a reliable auto spare parts company, we suggest that in order to prevent coil rubber boot aging and discharge, high-pressure silicone grease can also be used for protection.

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