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Mass Airflow Sensors

The vehicle Mass Air Flow Sensor, also known as the airflow meter, converts the inhaled airflow into an electrical signal and sends it to the ECU, which is one of the basic signals for determining fuel injection. It is a sensor for measuring the airflow inhaled into the engine and one of the important sensors of the EFI engine.

How mass airflow sensor is working? The air sucked by the air filter rushes to the valve, and the valve stops when it turns to the position where the air intake is balanced with the return spring, that is, the opening of the valve is directly proportional to the air intake. A potentiometer is also installed on the rotating shaft of the valve. The sliding arm of the potentiometer rotates synchronously with the valve. The voltage drop of the sliding resistance is used to convert the opening of the measuring piece into an electrical signal, which is then input into the control circuit.

The mass airflow sensor from MAPMS auto sensors has the advantages of minimal pressure loss and a large measurable flow range.

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Mass Airflow Sensors Features

Accurately measure engine air intake quantity.

Accurately control the fuel injection quantity.

Form the best fuel-air ratio.

Minimal pressure loss and large measurable flow range.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Mass Airflow Sensors ?

In order to obtain the best concentration of mixture under various operating conditions, the amount of air sucked into the engine at each moment must be measured correctly as the main basis for ECU to control fuel injection. These are fault symptoms in the following for MAF Sensor.

  • Poor Engine Acceleration

Poor Engine Acceleration. When the deviation of the output signal of the mass air flow sensor is not enough for the ECU to record the fault code, as the air flow signal can not accurately reflect the actual air intake, the fuel injection amount controlled by the ECU is too small, so the engine speed does not rise but falls.

  • Cause 

For EFI engine with hot film mass air flow sensor, ECU judges the amount of intake air and determines the amount of fuel injection according to the current flowing through the hot film resistance, so as to meet the needs of different working conditions of the engine. If dust accumulates on the hot film to form a thermal insulation layer, once the air inlet becomes larger, the temperature change slows down, the required current becomes smaller, and the fuel injection quantity determined by ECU will be reduced. At this time, the actual air intake is relatively large, resulting in too thin mixture, which eventually leads to engine idling jitter and "tempering" during rapid acceleration.

  • The Automatic Transmission Will Not Upshift to Overdrive

The automatic transmission cannot be raised to the overdrive gear. If the mass air flow sensor is short circuited to the ground, the mixture will be too thin, which will reduce the output power of the engine, and the automatic transmission will not be able to rise to the overdrive gear.

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