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airbag sensor

Airbag Sensor

The airbag sensor is the input device of control signal in the srs supplemental restraint system. When the vehicle happens to collides, the airbag sensor detects the intensity signal of the vehicle collision, and inputs the signal into the airbag computer. The airbag computer determines whether to detonate the inflatable element to inflate the airbag according to the signal of the airbag sensor.

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Key Features of Airbag Sensor

Monitors a vehicle's speed and the distance between the vehicles.

Provide a warning to the driver if the vehicles get too close.

Types of Airbag Sensors

For different situations and functions, we manufacturer various types of airbag sensors, such as airbag crash sensors, airbag pressure sensors, airbag impact sensors and airbag front sensors. For more custom selections, please inquiry us by email with specific requirements.

How To Test Airbag Sensor?

1) Symptoms of airbag system failure are difficult to diagnose, so diagnostic codes are the most important source of information for troubleshooting. Always check the diagnostic codes before disconnecting the battery.

2) Disconnect the ignition switch during inspection. If the vehicle allows to remove the negative electrode of the battery, it is better to disconnect the power supply. It should be started after removing the negative electrode for 90s or longer. Because the airbag system is equipped with a backup power supply, the airbag may still deploy within 90 seconds after removing the negative terminal of the battery.

3) Even if only a minor collision occurs and the airbags are not deployed, the front airbag sensor and steering wheel cushion should be checked.

4) Do not expose the front airbag sensor, center airbag sensor assembly and steering wheel pad directly to hot air and flames.

5) When testing the circuit, a high-impedance multimeter should be used for measurement.

6) The parts of the airbag are attached with instruction labels, and the listed precautions should be strictly followed during operation.

7) After pulling out the airbag wiring plug, use a small copper wire to short the airbag connector.

8) Do not measure the resistance of the detonator tube of the airbag inflation element, so as not to cause the airbag system to explode by mistake. The method of decomposing the inspection parts should be adopted first, and then searching step by step.

9) The airbag system is a very sensitive device. A little carelessness during inspection may detonate the airbag and cause unnecessary losses.

10) The wire harness and connector of the airbag system are generally covered with a special color sleeve, which is different from other system wire harnesses. Do not damage these bushings during inspection.

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