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Car Auto AC Evaporators

The automotive ac evaporator of the automobile air conditioner evaporates the low-pressure refrigerant from the expansion valve and absorbs the heat of the air in the car, thereby cooling the car, providing a comfortable riding environment for the occupants, reducing the driver's fatigue strength and improving driving safety. All-aluminum laminated and tube-belt evaporators are commonly used in car air conditioning system.

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Key Features of A/C Evaporators

Using double-sided composite aluminum.

Good thermal conductivity, light weight and low cost.

High heat transfer efficiency and compact structure.

Chemically stable, not easy to rust.

How To Test Auto AC Evaporator?

The common faults of the car ac evaporator are:

(1)The automotive ac evaporator is dirty, blocked, deformed or damaged.

(2) The connection of the automotive ac evaporator pipeline is damaged or leaked.

How to carry out the inspection of the car ac evaporator?

(1) Check whether there is oil pollution and carbon deposits on the surface of the auto ac evaporator. If there is, it should be removed in time and blown clean with compressed air.

(2) Use a leak detector to test the evaporator pipes and joints. If a leak is found, it should be repaired here, and it should be re-tested after repair.

(3) Check whether the surface of the auto ac evaporator heat sink is deformed. If deformation is found, use needle-nose pliers to repair it, so as not to block the evaporator heat sink and affect the refrigeration system.

When the above faults occur in the auto ac evaporator, the air-conditioning refrigeration system will be insufficiently cooled or not cooled, and it should be repaired in time.

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