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Car Expansion Tank

The Car Expansion Tank is a coolant storage tank, which ensures that the radiator is filled with coolant so that the coolant in the radiator has space to release when getting heated expansion, compensation capacity when cooling contraction, and a certain amount of surplus coolant to avoid consumption and shortage of coolant.

The coolant flows in the engine cooling circuit, and expands in volume and pressure with the temperature increasing. It is set to absorb this expanded volume and reduce the pressure of the cooling system by engine cooling system components. According to whether the expansion tank for car is pressurized or not, it is divided into two types, expansion tank and overflow kettle, they have different requirements for heat resistance, capacity and position.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Car Expansion Tanks ?

The function of the auto expansion tank is to exhaust the gas in the cooling system, and can also replenish the cooling system with coolant. By increasing the pressure of the cooling system to increase the pressure of the water pump, it is also to prevent the harm of cavitation of the water pump. Auto expansion tank plays an irreplaceable role for vehicles, should pay close attention to its real-time dynamics. What are the symptoms if the auto expansion tank is damaged.

  • The Vent Pipe is Blocked

The vent pipe is blocked, which is a common fault of the auto expansion tank. Due to the blockage of the vent pipe, the air in the engine water jacket and radiator can not be discharged in time, then the coolant can not fill the whole cooling system, so the coolant can not circulate normally, and the engine temperature rises rapidly. The fault phenomenon of "boiling" and water spraying of the cooling system often occurs, also coolant can not be replenished enough.

  • Cracking

Expansion tank for car is mainly made of plastic and age with the longer time it is used.

  • Leakage & Broken

Leakage at the seal of liquid level sensor.

The connector fixing the inlet and outlet hoses of the expansion tank is broken.

Features of Car Expansion Tank from MAPMS

The expansion tank for automotive has the advantages of high mechanical strength, simple manufacturing process and corrosion resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life.

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