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Airbag Clock Springs

The airbag clock spring is a piece of wire harness that connects the main airbag to the airbag harness. Since the main airbag needs to rotate with the steering wheel, when the steering wheel is turned left or right, the wire harness cannot be pulled off, so the connecting wire harness must be left with a margin, and it is necessary to ensure that the steering wheel is turned to the limit position to one side without being pulled off. The following is airbag spiral cable catalogue. Still not find your products, for more supplementary restraint system, click here.

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Airbag Clock Spring Key Features

An important part of connecting the electrical appliances between on the steering wheel and steering column.

Can be rotated infinitely.

Connect the main airbag to the airbag harness.

How To Test Airbag Clock Springs?

  • If the horn does not sound, first unplug the horn, connect the test light, press the clock spring steering wheel. The test light does not turn on, check the fuse and relay, if the relay does not respond when pressed, remove the airbag, and directly put the horn button wire is grounded. If the horn sounds, ground the horn wire above the airbag clock springs. If the horn does not sound, check the airbag clock springs, and use a multimeter to measure the continuity of the wire.

  • The airbag light is on. Under the computer test, if it shows that the driver's airbag is disconnected, remove the airbag. If the wiring harness is well, unplug the main airbag and use a 2 ohm resistor to put it into the airbag tap. Clear the fault code. If it can be cleared, it means that the airbag is faulty. It cannot be cleared. Pull the airbag clue below the airbag spiral cable, connect the 2 ohm resistor, and clear the fault code. If it can be cleared, the airbag clockspring is broken. If it cannot be cleared, check the wiring harness from the airbag computer to airbag clockspring. At MAPMS, we offer quality clock spring triton and airbag front sensor replacements. These components are crucial for the proper functioning of your airbag system, ensuring your safety on the road. Trust us for reliable, high-quality parts.

  • The audio control buttons are generally not broken, the faulty probability is very low, have the same inspection steps.

  • About abnormal noise. You can remove the airbag clockspring and test the vehicle again. It must be replaced it if there is no abnormal noise after removing it.

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