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Car Electric Horn

The electric air horns for cars continuously vibrates through the diaphragm, thereby emitting sound waves of a certain tone, and the sound is transmitted through the resonance board after resonating. The adoption of solenoid type electric car horn has the characteristics of smaller volume and stronger electromagnetic suction. The most compact speaker type due to its sharp frequency characteristics and efficient amplification. Also, they have a sharp and stimulating tone that is very effective for warning.

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Key Features of Auto Disc Horns

Sound waves come out after resonating from the soundboard.

The magnetic circuit of the solenoid electromagnet is smaller in size and stronger in electromagnetic attraction.

The most compact type of auto disc horn.

How Do You Diagnose A Car Electric Horn Not Working?

Connect one clamp to the terminal on the car electric horn and quickly touch the other end to the positive battery terminal. If the fuse blows, you've got a bum horn. If the car electric horn makes a clicking sound, the problem could be a poor ground connection. Clean the horn's ground connection and try powering the electric air horns for cars again.

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