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Windshield Wiper System

Windshield Wiper System

 The system is not only as simple as wiping the water off the windshield, but also wipes the rainwater on the glass surface into a uniform water film layer, allowing the light to pass through smoothly without refraction to ensure the driver's vision is clear and safety driving.

At present, electric wipers are widely used in automotive. There are 2 wiper arms on the front windshield and 1 wiper arm on the rear windshield. When the wiper switch is turned on, there are four wiper movement modes, low-speed, high-speed, intermittent wipe and automatic wiper. The linkage rod is driven by the wiper motor to convert the rotary motion of the motor into the left and right back and forth movement of the wiper arm. The automotive wiper system is generally composed of wiper blade, wiper arm, linkage mechanism, wiper motor, liquid storage pot, liquid filling pipe, nozzle and so on.

Types of Windshield Wiper System

How Does The Windshield Wiper System Work?

The motor on the electric wiper drives the output shaft through the worm gear on the armature shaft, drives the output gear through the idler gear and the idler shaft, and then operates the output arm connected with the wiper connecting rod by the output shaft. When the motor rotates, the drive output arm and link move back and forth. The resistance on the adjustment switch is connected with the armature winding of the motor to adjust the speed of the motor, and the driver can turn the switch to make the current enter the input circuit of the motor. Electric wipers are driven by electric motors. The upper and lower wiper blades of the wipers are pressed against the outer surface layer of the windshield by the wiper arms. The motor drives the deceleration mechanism to rotate, and reciprocates through the drive rod system to drive the wiper arm and wiper blade to swing to the right to scrape the windshield.

Diagram of Windshield Wiper System

Since the wiper blades move quickly back and forth across the windshield, requiring a lot of power, a turbo is used at the output of the small motor. Modern wiper systems combine two mechanical technologies, one is to provide power to the wiper through an electric motor and a reduction turbo, and the other is to use a linkage mechanism to make the electric motor drive the wiper.

There is a close relationship between the motor and the reduction turbo. The worm reduction turbo can increase the torque of the motor by about 50 times, while reducing the output speed of the motor by 50 times. The output power from the reduction turbo operates the linkage to move the wipers back and forth. The inside of motor/turbo assembly is a circuit that senses the wiper down stop. This circuit supplies power to the wipers, and when the wipers stop at the bottom of the windshield, it cuts off power to the motor. This circuit also allows the wipers to pause briefly during wiper based on the wiper intermittent setting.

Diagram of Windshield Wiper System

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