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Camshaft Position Sensors

Camshaft Position Sensor is a sensing device, also known as synchronous signal sensor. It is a cylinder discrimination and positioning device, inputs camshaft position signal to ECU, is the main control signal of ignition control. The function is to collect the position signal of the valve camshaft and input it to the ECU, the ECU can identify the top dead center of cylinder 1 compression, so as to carry out sequential injection control by sensor for automotive, ignition time control and deflagration control. In addition, the camshaft position signal is also used to identify the first ignition time when the engine is started. As the cam position sensor can identify which cylinder piston is about to reach TDC, it is called cylinder identification sensor (CIS).

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Cam Position Sensor Features

Accurate detection of camshaft position changes.

Precise control of ignition timing.

Orderly control fuel injection.

Effectively control deflagration and reduce fuel consumption.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Cam Position Sensor ?

The function of the cam position sensor is very important. It is the positioning sensor device for cylinder discrimination. If it is damaged, the ECU will not be able to obtain the information fed back by the cam position sensor, resulting in abnormal control of the engine intake and exhaust system and affecting its performance. What symptoms will have if a car camshaft position sensor is fault.

  • Difficult to Accelerate

The engine is weak and it is difficult to accelerate. After the cam position sensor is broken, it cannot detect the position change of the camshaft, and cannot correctly detect the position change of the camshaft, which affects the intake and exhaust volume of the intake and exhaust system, and then affects the engine performance.

  • Increased Fuel Consumption

Increased fuel consumption. If the cam position sensor is broken, the ECU will inject fuel disorderly! Cause fuel consumption, the vehicle is weak, and the speed can't come up!

  • The Fault Light is Always on

The fault light is always on. Generally, when the car camshaft sensor fails, the engine fault light will be detected, so the fault indicator light on the vehicle instrument panel will light up to remind driver to check and repair the vehicle in time.

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