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ignition switches

Ignition Switches

The vehicle Ignition Switch is the switch of the automotive ignition system, usually requires a key to freely open or close the main circuit of the ignition coil. After the key is inserted into the ignition switch, stay in each gear for about 1 or 2 seconds for an instant, at this time, will hear the sound of the electrical equipment being powered on, and then enter the next gear. Some vehicles can directly enter the ON position, and then wait for about 6-7 seconds after all aspects of the electrical appliances are fully activated, and then turn the key to the START state to start the ignition directly.

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Key Features of Ignition Switches

LOCK. Locks the car. The vehicle key is generally placed in this gear, which is equivalent to locking the steering wheel. The steering wheel cannot have too much movement at this state.

ACC. It powers on the whole vehicle, the radio, lights, etc. can be used normally, but the air conditioner cannot be used.

ON. In addition to the engine, the rest of the basic equipment is open, the steering wheel can be unlocked, and the air conditioner can be used, but the cooling effect of the air conditioner is not very good. When the key is in the ON state during normal driving, all the circuits in the whole vehicle are in working state at this time.

START. Start the engine, consume fuel and the cooling effect of the air conditioner will become better. The START gear is the engine starting gear, which will automatically return to the normal state after starting, that is, the ON gear.

How To Test Ignition Switches?

The ignition switch is the most important switch in the automotive circuit. It is the control hub of each circuit branch and can freely turn on or off the ignition coil. If the ignition switch is faulty, the car cannot start normally. The most direct symptom is that the ignition cannot be ignited, cannot be turned off or turned off for unknown reasons, even the circuit regulated by the key cannot be used normally.

Poor starting habits, such as inserting the key into the ignition switch, and turning directly from the parking position to the ignition position, will cause great damage to the ignition switch. Because the four gears of the ignition switch are progressive, the purpose is to make the electrical equipment enter the working state one by one, so as to relieve the burden of the vehicle battery caused by the instantaneous power-on. If you don't stop in other gears when you start the vehicle, the load of the battery will be added instantly, which is basically very harmful to the battery and the engine. In the long run, it will reduce the life of the battery and cause the engine to be difficult. start.

Therefore, a good starting habit is to slowly turn the key, let the electrical accessories on the vehicle enter the state one by one, and relieve the power supply pressure of the battery. Every step of starting the vehicle according to the normal process, the vehicle will have a good starting state.

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