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ABS Anti Lock Brake Sensors

ABS brake sensor is applied to the vehicle Anti-lock Braking System to monitor the vehicle speed. Through the action of the gear ring rotating synchronously with the wheel, it outputs a group of quasi sinusoidal AC signals, that frequency and amplitude are related to the wheel speed. The output signal is transmitted to the ABS control unit to realize wheel speed real-time monitoring. One wheel has a one-speed sensor.

In order to maintain the directional stability of the sensor for automotive during braking as much as possible, the anti lock brake sensor feeds back the speed of the wheel to the braking system during braking, and the braking system controls the restrained rotation of the wheel to achieve the best braking effect.

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Car ABS Sensors Features

Real-time output stable sine wave.

Pass strict electrical and sealing performance tests.

Real-time monitor wheel speed.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad ABS Brake Sensors?

  • Installation Position of ABS brake sensors

Since the installation position of the wheel speed sensor is under the chassis, the detection surface of the ABS system sensor will often be stuck by dirt such as rain, dust and soil. Over time, it will lead to the failure of the wheel speed sensor or signal panel, so as to store the corresponding fault code in the ABS control unit and turn on the ABS fault light on the driving instrument for early warning.

  • Damage of Wheel Speed Sensor Itself

The damage of the wheel speed sensor itself will also cause relevant faults, and turn on the ABS fault light on the driving instrument. You can directly replace them, and then clear the ABS fault light.

  • ABS System Sensor Failure

A large part of the wire harness layout of the wheel speed sensor is also located under the chassis. After long-term use, or the wire harness displacement caused by the loose ball joint of the chassis, the wire harness of the wheel speed sensor will be short circuited to the positive and negative poles, or the wire harness will be broken directly, which will cause the fault of the wheel speed sensor and turn on the ABS fault light.

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