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Car Radiators

An automobile radiator is a heat exchanger, which plays the role of cooling coolant in the automotive cooling cycle. Coolant flows in the car engine radiator core and air passes outside the radiator core. The hot coolant gets cold by radiating heat into the air, and the cold air warms up by absorbing the heat from the coolant. 

Car engine radiator's pipe and heat sink are mostly made of aluminum and aluminum pipe is made into a flat shape, heat sink is corrugated, with good heat dissipation performance. The installation direction is perpendicular to the direction of airflow, so as to meet the requirements of small wind resistance and achieve efficient cooling. For more engine cooling system components, inquiry now!

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Car Engine Radiator Features

Car engine radiator with characteristics of good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance, light weight and high strength.

Car engine radiator even can be produced to different shapes and specifications according to the heat dissipation requirements of customers.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Car Engine Radiator?

The phenomenon that the broken automobile radiator has coolant blockage or leakage, resulting in poor engine heat dissipation and high coolant temperature, which may cause engine overheating and boiling, then engine fault light on and so on.

The automobile radiator can be inspected and maintained in the following aspects.

  • Check Up

  • Check the automobile radiator upper and lower chambers and core, and there shall be no leakage.

  • In order to facilitate the air to flow through the radiator for heat exchange, flush the radiator core with water to remove the dust on its surface. If the core is embedded with sundries, it can be cleaned with fine steel wire. If the auto radiator fins are lodging, they should be corrected.

  • The auto radiator frame shall not be broken and firmly welded. Proper distance shall be kept between auto radiator and fan blade.

  • Repair or Replace

  • During engine working, if the auto radiator outlet pipe is found to be sucked and shriveled, it indicates that the air inlet valve of the radiator cap is damaged, and the cap should be repaired or replaced.

  • Check whether the connecting pipe of the expansion tank has air leakage or blockage. If air leakage or blockage is found, it shall be eliminated to prevent the coolant of the expansion tank from returning to the automobile radiator.

  • Check whether the inlet and outlet hoses are aging and whether the joint clamp is leaking. If the hose is aged and there is leakage at the hose joint clamp, tighten the clamp or replace it.

  • Operation Temperature

After the vehicle stop, check the working temperature of the auto radiator. Under normal situation, the upper and lower temperatures should change evenly. If half is cool and half is hot, there should be blockage in the auto radiator. In order to eliminate the blockage, the automobile radiator can be connected to the high-pressure water pipe and washed in reverse. If the blockage is serious, a small amount of cleaning agent can be used.

The Automotive Aluminum Radiator Manufactured and Supplied by MAPMS with Some Advantages

  • With characteristics of good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance, lightweight and high strength. Even can be produced in different shapes and specifications according to the heat dissipation requirements of customers.

  • With characteristics of corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance and long service life.

  • After special process treatment, the surface is resistant to acid and alkali erosion and free from air pollution, which can maintain its inherent color and luster for a long time.

  • Convenient maintenance and low cost.

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