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Pencil Ignition Coils

The Pencil Type Ignition Coil combines the high-voltage ignition wire and the ignition coil into one, which reduces energy loss, and improves combustion and fuel efficiency. Each cylinder is assigned a pencil ignition coil, which is directly installed on the top of the spark plug to reduce electromagnetic radiation and improve the working stability of the in-vehicle electronic equipment. This ignition method achieves precise ignition through camshaft sensors and knocks sensors. It is suitable for engines with any number of cylinders, especially for engines with 4 valves per cylinder.

MAPMS provides various types of auto ignition coil. This type of pencil coil adopts a new winding method of flat winding, with many advantages of smaller product size, stronger compatibility, very complicated process but has high energy and high output voltage, high sufficient combustion, good insulation performance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference even long life. It is the future development trend.

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Key Features of Pencil Type Ignition Coils

Pencil coil ignition: mounted and working without ignition leads.

Pencil type ignition coil : smaller volume and require less space of engine compartment.

Ignition pencil coil : high temperature resistant.

Ignition pencil coil : stable voltage to stable engine performance.

How Do You Test A Pencil Type Ignition Coil ?

As long as there is a spark, pencil ignition coils are working well.

The unique and safe way to test sparks is to use a spark tester. But you should test the resistance of primary and secondary circuits of pencil ignition coils before spark tester. A digital 10 megaohm impedance ohmmeter is the testing tool to pencil ignition coils. Different vehicle manufacturers have different test specifications.

Firstly, ohmmeter has two leads and connected to pencil coil primary terminal "+ " and "-". Most pencil coil ignition should read between 0.4 and 2.0 ohms. 0.0 resistance means a shorted coil while a high resistance means an open coil.

Secondly, test the positive "+" terminal and high voltage output terminal, mostly read 6,000 to 8,000 ohms, some others may read as high as 15,000 ohms.

If ohmmeter have correct reading, you need to use a spark tester.

The tester one lead should be pluged into the pencil ignition coils and attached the ground wire, the other lead shoud be pluged in the coil connector. Then adjust the spark gap to the correct value and start the vehicle engine. It happens there's spark, that works. If there's no spark, it's a bad pencil coil ignition.

How Long Do Pencil Coils Last ?

In general, pencil ignition coils endure for approximately 5 years or 120,000 miles before replacement becomes necessary. While offering lasting performance, continuous exposure to heat and friction may gradually diminish their efficiency. Additionally, carbon buildup can lead to potential damage over time. Trust in the durability of ignition pencil coils, but be aware of these factors influencing their lifespan.

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