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halogen headlight bulbs

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are an improvement of incandescent lamps, which maintain the advantages of incandescent lamps simplicity, low cost, easy adjustment and control of brightness, and good color rendering (Ra=100). At the same time, halogen bulbs overcome many shortcomings of incandescent lamps, such as short service life and low luminous efficiency, generally only 6% to 10% can be converted into light energy, while the rest is lost in the form of heat energy.

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Key Features of Halogen Headlight Bulbs

incandescent lamps simplicity, low cost.

easy adjustment and control of brightness.

good color rendering (Ra=100).

halogen bulbs overcome many shortcomings of incandescent lamps.

Are All Halogen Headlight Bulbs The Same?

Automotive halogen headlights include high beam, low beam, fog and turn signal. There are many types of halogen bulbs, mainly divided into H and D, which can be distinguished according to the number of bulb feet and clamping teeth. Common models include H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, etc. Different models of bulbs are used in different positions.

H1 has one bulb foot, mostly used for high beam.

H7 has two bulb feets with a snap tooth at the edge, which is mostly used for low beam.

H3 and H11 are mostly used for fog.

H1 and H7 are also used for some fog.

In addition, the bulb models used in different vehicle models are also different. H4 is a bulb integrating far and near, with three bulb feets and three snap teeth on the edge, which is generally used in Japanese and Korean vehicles. H1 and H7 are mostly used for far and low beam headlights of European vehicles. At MAPMS, we offer a variety of car headlight bulbs including H4, H1, and H7 models, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Japanese, Korean, and European vehicles.

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