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Headlight Bulbs

Headlight Bulbs

HID Headlight Bulbs also named Xenon Bulbs

LED Headlights

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

How to know the bulb model before replacing the bulb of your vehicle headlights? What Size Headlights Bulb Do I Need?

The models of car headlights bulbs are all on the headlights bulbs, or you can ask the car headlight parts shop to know.


1. There will be a laser-printed model logo on your car headlights bulbs, you can see it when you take off the headlights bulb, or you can distinguish the shape of the headlights bulb.


2. If your car has only two headlights and the bulb is double filament, it is H4.


3. If your car has four headlights, and the far and near headlights are separated, it depends on the glass shape of the bulb. The bulb with flat and slender is H1, and the cylindrical bulb is slightly thinner than the pinky finger is H7.


4. Maintenance manual. Look at the vehicle maintenance manual. Most of the vehicle maintenance manuals are marked in the list of wearing parts. Inform the bulb seller of the vehicle model and year, and let the seller help to inquire.


5. With VIN number to check the type of headlight bulbs used by the vehicle.

Types of Headlight Bulbs


What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Headlight Bulbs ?

Headlamps Become Dim

One symptom of faulty headlamp bulb is the lighting becomes to dim day by day. Each product has lifelimit. Bulbs will wear out and glow darker than new bulbs as time goes by. During driving, the dim light is not enough to provide sufficient brightness, which will cause major safety hazards. Usually, dim light is the symptom of reaching to the lifespan.

Headlamps Flicker

Another symptom of faulty headlamp bulb is a flashing. If the filament of the bulb is damaged or excessively worn, it may cause the bulb to flash. Moreover, the flashing bulb usually burns out quickly. But flashing bulb may also caused by poor harness or connection, so proper inspection is needed in this situation.

Headlamps Do Not Work

headlamps turn to be off is the most dangerous and direct symptom. It's stremely dangerous if happen bulbs reach to the life limit when the vehicle is driving in night. Regular maintenance for headlamps is necessary to avoid this situation, especially for those vehicles are usually driving in night. It usually shows that the headlamp bulb has been burnt out when headlamps do not work. It will be suggested that replace them in pairs as one bulb burned out, the other one will be closed to lifespan.

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