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Distributor Ignition Coils

An distributor ignition system with a distributor generates high-voltage electricity from a car ignition coil , and the distributor distributes the high-voltage electricity to each cylinder. The distributor ignition coil is used to connect and disconnect the low-voltage circuit, so that the distributor ignition coil generates a high-voltage current, and is distributed to the spark bags of each cylinder within a specified time, and the mixture is ignited, according to the ignition sequence of the engine.

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Distributor Ignition Coil Featuers

  • Great combustion energy & high ignition voltage.

  • Temperature resistant, therefore durable and reliable.

  • With or without interference suppressed spark plug and electronic module depending on the vehicle type.

The correct amount of time.

What Is The Function Of The Ignition Coil?

The ignition coil, specifically the distributor ignition coil, plays a pivotal role in the functioning of your vehicle. It is one of the most critical car ignition parts, responsible for starting the engine and keeping it running smoothly.

The primary function of the ignition coil in the distributor is to transform the low voltage from the battery into the thousands of volts necessary to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. This process is what powers your vehicle and allows it to run.

The distributor coil pack is a compact unit that contains the ignition coil and distributor components. It is designed to distribute the high voltage from the ignition coil to the correct cylinder in the engine. This precise distribution is crucial for the engine’s timing and overall performance.

A faulty distributor ignition coil can lead to a range of problems, from difficulty starting the vehicle to misfires and poor fuel economy. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your ignition coil is in good working order.

At MAPMS, we offer high-quality distributor ignition coils that ensure optimal performance and longevity. Trust us for reliable, durable car ignition parts that will keep your vehicle running at its best.

How Can You Tell if a Distributor Ignition Coil is Bad?

Are you experiencing issues with your vehicle such as backfiring, poor fuel economy, stalling, rough idling, engine jerking, or lack of power? If so, it may be a sign that your distributor ignition coil is bad. Other symptoms to look out for include misfires, loss of power, and the engine not starting. Additionally, if your engine control unit switches to limp-home mode or you receive engine fault codes, it could be a sign that your distributor ignition coil or ignition coil in distributor is malfunctioning. Make sure to have it checked and replaced promptly to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Check out our selection of distributor ignition coils to find a high-quality replacement for your vehicle.

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