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fuel level sensors

Fuel Level Sensors

The fuel level sensor uses the principle of the magnetic field generated by the ferrite magnet to control the on-off of the reed switch, and converts the change of the measured fuel level into a resistance voltage signal output. This sensor connects to the fuel gauge, and then checks the fuel level of the fuel tank. In most cases, it is integrated with the fuel pump assy, and has outstanding features such as high inspection accuracy, safety and reliability, long service life, maintenance-free, and easy installation.

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Key Features of Fuel Level Sensors

High detection accuracy, easy installation, and the length can be adjusted on site.

Corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Non-contact measurement, safe and reliable.

Good seismic performance and impact resistance.

Long service life.

Multi-signal output.

Support on-site adjustment and remote configuration of parameters.

How To Test Fuel Level Sensors?

If the fuel level sensor of the car is faulty, the clearest symptom is that the fuel gauge is seriously inaccurate, and the driver cannot know the amount of fuel in the car fuel tank, which affects the car's inability to drive without fuel halfway. In order to prevent this situation from happening, it is necessary to frequently check whether the fuel gauge shows that the condition is normal, and the problem needs to be solved immediately.

How can you test check if the fuel level sensor is broken?

1. Fill up the fuel tank of the car, and then check the fuel gauge. If it does not move, then it can be judged that the fuel level sensor is broken.

2. The fuel gauge does not show the fuel level or the display is inaccurate.

3. The car ran out of fuel halfway and could not drive.

4. For some older cars, if leaks fuel and loses its buoyancy, causing the fuel level of the carburetor to be too high, which overflows to the diversion hole and causes fuel leakage. If it is deformed, it may cause the fuel lever sensor to be stuck, the carburetor cannot enter the fuel, or the fuel level may run out of control and become high and leak fuel.  This situation may also be caused by the fact that there are stains on the fuel level sensor and it is not cleaned in time.

As the fuel level sensor is soaked in fuel, it is easy to be polluted by impurities in fuel, which in turn affects the accuracy of the sensor. There is no way to prevent it. Therefore, you should choose good quality fuel, which can greatly reduce the probability of failure.

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