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Engine Lubrication System

Engine Lubrication Oil Cooling System

When the engine lubrication system is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, car engine oil sump, and many transmission parts are in high-speed relative motion with a small gap. As relative motion, friction must be generated on the surface of the parts, which will accelerate wear and tear. Although the working surfaces of these lubricating oil system parts are finely machined, they are bumpy when zoomed in. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance and prolong service life, there must be a lubricant system in engine The engine lubrication system continuously delivers a sufficient quantity and appropriate temperature of clean engine oil to the friction surfaces of all transmission parts when the engine is working, and to form an oil film between the friction surfaces to achieve liquid friction. Thereby reducing frictional resistance, reducing power consumption and reducing wear of parts to achieve the purpose of improving the reliability and durability of the engine.

Types of Engine Lubrication Oil System

How Does The Engine Lubrication System Work?

When the lubricant system in engine is working, for car spares and parts, the oil is pumped into the oil filter from the oil pan through the primary filter. If the oil pressure is too high, the oil returns to the oil pump inlet through the safety valve on the electric engine oil pump. All the oil enters the main lubricating oil system of the engine after being filtered by the oil filter. There is a bypass valve on the oil filter cover. When the oil filter is blocked, the oil directly enters the main lubricating oil system through the bypass valve without being filtered by the oil filter. The oil enters five separate oil passages through the main lubricating oil system to lubricate the five main bearings respectively. Then, the oil flows from the main bearing to the connecting rod bearing through the inclined oil engine lubrication system on the crankshaft to lubricate the connecting rod journal. Partial of the oil in the main engine lubrication system is supplied through the sixth oil dividing passage, the front and rear bearing of the intermediate shaft are supplied and lubricated by an engine lubrication system at the oil outlet of the oil filter. Another oil passage of the main oil passage is directly connected to the lubricant system in engine of the camshaft bearing. This engine lubrication system also has five oil passages, which supply oil to the five camshaft bearings respectively. A minimum oil pressure alarm switch is installed at the rear end of the camshaft bearing lubricant system in engine, that is, the terminal of the entire pressure lubricating oil passage. When the engine is started, the oil pressure is low, the minimum oil pressure alarm switch contacts are closed, and the oil pressure indicator light is on. When the oil pressure exceeds 31kPa, the minimum oil pressure alarm switch contact is disconnected, and the indicator light goes out. In addition, an oil pressure switch is also installed on the oil filter. When the engine speed exceeds 2150r/min, if the oil pressure is lower than 180kPa, the switch contacts will be closed, the alarm light will flash, and the buzzer will sound an alarm.

Diagram of Engine Lubrication Oil System

As one of experienced and reliable auto spares suppliers, our automotive engine lubrication system is mainly composed of oil pan, oil pump, oil filter, oil strainer, main oil passage, pressure limiting valve, oil pump suction pipe, and crankcase ventilation device. If the surfaces of the various parts in the engine are not lubricated, strong friction will occur between them. Dry friction between metal surfaces not only increases the power consumption of the engine and accelerates the wear of the working surfaces of the parts, but also may burn the working surfaces of the parts due to the heat generated by the friction, making the engine unable to run.

Engine Lubrication System Diagram

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