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Supplemental Restraint System

SRS Supplemental Restraint System

SRS supplemental restraint system consists of an airbag and an inflating mechanism to form an integral airbag module, a collision supplemental restraint system that senses collisions and sends deployment commands to the airbag module, and a wire harness that transmits signals from the airbag sensor. This supplementary restraint systems from MAPMS has features of good collision recognition performance, collision energy absorption performance is highly matched to reduce injuries to drivers and passengers, also a prominent warning sign to avoid unnecessary false deployment of the airbag. We also manufacture custom airbag clock spring for your selections.

Types of SRS Supplemental Restraint System

How Does The SRS Supplemental Restraint System Work?

During the driving process, the srs supplemental restraint system continuously sends speed change information to the control device, and the control device analyzes and judges the information. When the measured acceleration, speed change or other indicators exceed the predetermined value, the supplementary restraint systems sends an ignition command to the gas generator. An explosion reaction occurs, and a large amount of gas is released to fill the collision air bag, and the upper vent hole damps and absorbs the collision energy to protect the occupants. The supplementary restraint systems is a passive safety protection system that works with seat belts to provide occupants with effective crash protection.

SRS Supplemental Restraint System Introductions

The supplemental restraint system consists of collision sensor system, airbag module and wiring harness system. When the collision sensor detects the collision, the relevant supplementary restraint systems will judge the degree of the collision and decide whether to trigger the inflatable device, which usually consists of a gas generating agent and an ignition device to form an inflatable module. For the safety of disposal, the airbag is usually detonated only at high temperature. Because the impact process time of car auto spares is very short, the airbag general takes about 25-35 milliseconds from the trigger to the completion of the inflation process and inflating for too long will lose its effectiveness.

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