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Oxygen Sensors

The Automotive Oxygen Sensor applies to the feedback control system of the EFI device to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust, the concentration and dilution of the air-fuel ratio, and monitor the combustion of the theoretical air-fuel ratio (14.7:1) in the engine, and transmit the feedback signal to the ECU. It is the key feedback sensor in the EFI engine control system and a key part to control automotive exhaust emission, reduce automobile environmental pollution and improve the engine fuel combustion quality.

Under the catalysis of high temperature and platinum, the potential difference is generated by using the oxygen concentration difference between the inner and outer sides of the oxide Hao, and the greater the concentration difference, the greater the potential difference. The oxygen attached to the car oxygen sensor is exhausted, resulting in voltage differences. The output voltage of the rich mixture is close to 1V and that of the lean mixture is close to 0V. According to the voltage signal of the o2 sensor, the air-fuel ratio is controlled to adjust the injection pulse width. Therefore, the o2 oxygen sensor for automotive is the key sensor for electronically controlling fuel metering.

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Oxygen Sensors Features

Raw materials have good adsorption effect and catalysis.

Strong environmental adaptability and long service life.

The protective layer has good air permeability and short response time.

Wide range air / fuel ratio. High accuracy of instantaneous measurement and feedback signals.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensors ?

Once car oxygen sensor fails, the EFI engine ECU will not be able to get the information of oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe, so it will not be able to feedback control the air-fuel ratio, which will lead to engine failure.

  • Oxygen Sensor Failure

As one of important car auto spare parts, the failure of the aftermarket o2 sensor will result in insufficient acceleration. The function of oxygen sensor is to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas. If the oxygen sensor signal is always too large, the engine will continuously reduce the fuel injection volume. At this moment, there will be large idle speed fluctuation and weak acceleration.

  • Increase Engine Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Pollution

The fault of oxygen sensor will increase the fuel consumption and exhaust pollution of the engine, also cause engine unstable idle speed, misfire, surge and so on.

  • Fault Light Will Be on

If the o2 sensor is damaged, engine fault light will be on.

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