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oil pressure sensors

Oil Pressure Sensors

Automotive Oil Pressure Sensor is an important device to detect the oil pressure of a vehicle engines. The detected data helps to control engine's normal operation. It is installed on the main oil passage of the engine. When the engine is running, the pressure measuring device detects oil pressure, converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal and sends it to the signal processing circuit. After voltage amplification and current amplification, the amplified pressure signal is connected to the oil pressure indicator through the signal line to change the current ratio of the two coils inside the oil pressure indicator, This indicates the engine oil pressure. The pressure signal amplified by voltage and current is also compared with the alarm voltage set in the alarm circuit. When it is lower than the alarm voltage, the alarm circuit outputs the alarm signal and lights up the alarm lamp through the alarm line.

The electronic automotive oil pressure sensor of MAPMS has the advantages of no mechanical moving parts, high precision, high reliability and long service life, also meets the requirements of the development of automotive electronics.

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Oil Pressure Sensors Features

High performance pressure measuring device with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high precision.

Components with reliable performance and wide working temperature range.

High performance of resisting circuit interference and high reliability.

Long service life.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Oil Pressure Sensors ?

If oil pressure sensor happens to be faulty, may have some symptoms. The oil pressure signal display indicates that the engine oil pressure is lower than the specified value. The ECM considers it as a fault and stores the fault in the form of fault code 415. At this moment, due to the low oil pressure, the protection function of the engine works, forcing the power and speed of the engine to drop, and may shut down the engine for protection.

  • Fault Code

P01CA (oil pressure sensor voltage above upper limit)

  • Insufficient Oil Pressure

After startup, the oil pressure indicator is always on, indicating that the oil pressure is not enough.

  • Fault Light is Always on

The engine fault light is always on.

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