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A/C Compressors

The automotive air-conditioning compressor is the heart of the car air conditioning system and plays the role of compressing and transporting refrigerant vapor. Specifically, the automotive compressor converts the low-temperature, low-pressure gaseous refrigerant from the evaporator into a high-temperature, high-pressure gaseous refrigerant through compression, and sends it to the condenser.

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Key Features of A/C Compressors

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Creat innovative, reliable and cost-saving solutions.

Meet the pursuit of energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

How To Test A/C Compressors?

The quality inspection of automotive air compressor mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Compressor tightness inspection. Due to the strong permeability of the refrigerant, the tightness of the compressor has a greater impact on the air conditioning system.

The method of checking the tightness of the compressor is as follows. Check with a branch pressure gauge, connect the high pressure and low pressure hoses of the branch pressure gauge to the high pressure and low pressure maintenance valves of the compressor respectively, and start the engine to run at an idle speed of 2000r/min.

When the compressor is working normally, the metallic sound of the piston movement inside the compressor can be heard. The low pressure display value of normal work is 0.15~0.20MPa, and the high pressure display value is 1.42~1.47MPa.

2. Measurement of the resistance value of the electromagnetic clutch of the compressor. First remove the electromagnetic clutch coil from the compressor, and then measure its resistance value with a multimeter. Since the standard resistance of the electromagnetic clutch coil is (3.7±0.2)ω, the ohm gear of the multimeter should be used to avoid measurement errors. During measurement, if the pointer of the multimeter does not move, it means that the electromagnetic clutch coil is broken. If the measured value is less than 3.5ω, it means that the coil is short-circuited, broken or the electromagnetic coil should be replaced.

3. Check the running status of the compressor. 1) Whether the drive belt is broken or loose. If the drive belt is too loose, it will slip, accelerate wear, and cannot transmit power. 2) Whether there is noise inside the compressor. 3)Whether the compressor clutch is slipping.

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