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oil level sensors

Oil Level Sensors

The oil level sensor is used to accurately measure the oil level, oil temperature and engine oil state, is installed in the oil pan of the engine. By measuring the oil level, low oil levels and consequent engine damage can be avoided. By measuring the oil state, it is possible to avoid engine damage caused by poor oil quality.

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Key Features of Oil Level Sensors

Flexible and concise, high reliability.

Powerful, small and good versatility.

No wearing parts, good stability, no need for regular maintenance and calibration.

How To Test Oil Level Sensors?

1. Power supply detection. Use a digital multimeter DC 20V to detect terminal 1 of the oil level sensor. When the ignition switch is turned on, the voltage of its power supply terminal should be the battery voltage.

2. Ground wire detection. Check the resistance between the No. 2 wire and the ground wire, the normal value should be 0Ω, otherwise the ground wire is abnormal.

3. Signal line reference voltage detection. The signal voltage of line 3 should be detected within the range of 9.8~10.5V, and the measured voltage value should basically not change at idle speed.

4. Decoder detection. Use V.A.G1551 to query the fault code. If there is a problem with the oil level sensor itself or the line, fault code 00562 will appear.

5. Waveform detection. Using an oscilloscope to analyze the waveform of the signal at the output end of the oil level sensor can further determine the signal characteristics of the sensor. The signal is a pulsed rectangular square wave signal.

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