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Car Engine Cooling Fans

Automotive Electronic Cooling Fan is a kind of engine cooling parts usually installed between the engine and the radiator. When the fan blade is driven and rotated by the engine, car cooling fan generates high-speed airflow and takes away the heat of the coolant in the radiator, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the engine.

When the engine is at a low temperature, the engine fans do not rotate. When the temperature rises, the engine fans rotate. In order to control the coolant temperature not to being too high, car engine cooling fans are composed of a coolant temperature sensor, electronic fan and chip. When the coolant temperature exceeds 90 ℃, the sensor acts and the car engine cooling fans are turned on to cool the coolant temperature down. But it doesn't need to turn on in winter a low temperature to protect the engine from working under the condition of supercooling and overheating.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Car Engine Cooling Fans?

Car engine cooling fans are important parts of vehicle cooling system. The performance of car engine cooling fan directly affects the engine heat dissipation, and then affects the performance of engine.

  • Radiator Temperature Increasing

The radiator temperature increasing, which leads to the increase of the engine temperature and affects the engine working.

  • Radiator Explodes

The radiator explodes, which leads to coolant leakage and hinders the circulation, resulting engine temperature increasing and affecting vehicle driving.

  • Coolant Splashes Out

The coolant splashes out, which will cause the engine to stick to the cylinder and cause engine damage.

Advantages Of Car Engine Cooling Fans From MAPMS

  • Car engine cooling fans can improve fuel economy. It does not occupy and consume engine power, which can not only improve the effective work power of the engine but also reduce fuel consumption. Moreover, it can also achieve intelligent temperature control by running only when the engine needs heat dissipation, and does not run when it is not needed, sucessfully avoid excessive cooling and unnecessary power consumption of the engine, and then improve fuel economy.

  • Continuously variable speed, intelligent temperature control. Automatically control when to start running, when to accelerate, when to run at a constant speed and when to run at full speed.

  • Low noise. It is also simple in space layout and after-sales maintenance.

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