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starter motor

Starter Motor

The vehicle starter can convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drive the engine flywheel to rotate to start the engine. Before the engine can run on its own power, it must be rotated by external force. The process in which the engine transitions from a static state to a self-running state with the help of external force is called engine starting.

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Key Features of Starter Motor

The power supply is switched on step by step, which greatly reduces the possibility of damage to the starter motor, thus prolonging the service life of the starter motor.

With the reduction meshing transmission mechanism, the volume and weight are about half of that of the traditional starter motor, which saves raw materials and is convenient for disassembly and repair.

The number of magnetic poles of the deceleration starter motor is the same as that of the traditional starter motor, but the magnetic field coil winding adopts the method of small wires in series. 

Although the winding method of the armature winding is the same as the traditional principle, the manufacturing process is advanced.

How To Test Starter Motor?

The vehicle starter consists of three parts, DC series excitation motor, transmission mechanism and control device. How to test the quality of starter parts?

After the starter is disassembled, a comprehensive inspection of each component should be carried out to judge whether its technical condition is good or not. The main inspection items are as follows.

① Check whether each terminal and terminals are oxidized, whether the wiring is loose, whether the welding end is open for welding, etc., and carry out necessary maintenance as appropriate.

② Check whether the contacts of the control switch are in poor contact due to dirt or ablation.

③ Check the degree of wear and lubrication of each journal and the copper sleeve of the sliding bearing.

④Check and repair the commutator. The inspection of the commutator includes appearance inspection, roundness inspection and outer diameter inspection.

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