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Car Engine Oil Sump

The car engine oil sump is used to store the lubricating oil and closure the crankcase in lubricating oil system. It bears little force and is generally stamped from a thin steel plate. The overall arrangement of the engine and the capacity of the oil determine its shape. On some engines, in order to enhance the heat dissipation of the oil in the car engine oil sump, an aluminum alloy cast car engine oil sump is used, and corresponding heat dissipation fins are also cast at the bottom of the shell. In order to ensure that the oil pump can often suck oil when the engine is tilted longitudinally, the buttom of the car engine oil sump is generally made deeper. There is also an oil baffle in the car engine oil sump to prevent the oil level from fluctuating too much when the car is running. Morevoer, there is an oil drain plug at the bottom of the car engine oil sump. Some oil drain plugs are magnetic or contain magnetic elements, which can absorb metal chips in the oil to reduce the wear of engine moving parts.

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Car Engine Oil Sump Key Features

Aluminum alloy casting molding, strong and not easy to deform.

The oil stabilization baffle is installed inside to avoid the shock and splash of the oil surface caused by bumps, and it is also conducive to the precipitation of lubricating oil impurities.

With an oil drain plug at the bottom.

Easy to disassemble.

How To Test Car Engine Oil Sump

If the car engine oil sump is faulty, the transmission parts will be worn until damaged without sufficiently lubricated and cannot be driven normally. How to test the oil sump?

1) Park the car on a flat place, close the engine and wait for a while, then pull out the oil dipstick, wipe off the oil on the surface, and then insert the oil dipstick to the bottom to judge the amount of lubricated oil.

2) Check the joint surface of the car engine oil sump and crankcase for oil leakage. If there is oil leakage, replace the gasket.

3) After the car engine oil sump is drained, check the screw plug for oil leakage. The oil leakage frequency of the screw plug will be slightly higher, which may be caused by the loosening or damage of the oil drain screw. The solution is use the screw gasket to solve, and should be replaced regularly. It is also possible that the bottom casing is not tightly sealed due to the corrosion of the bottom or the oil pollution. For this reason, you need to replace oil sump.

4) Observe whether the car engine oil sump has cracks, mechanical damage or rust damage. If it is defective, replace the damaged parts. It is also necessary to observe whether the car engine oil sump is impacted and deformed. If the deformation is serious, it will affect the oiling of the oil pump and cause the engine to be high temperature due to insufficient lubrication. In both cases, the car engine oil sump needs to be replaced.

If the car engine oil sump is damaged, it is necessary to find the problem in time.

The vehicle will turn off if continue to drive with damaged car engine oil sump. In this case, the engine generally needs to be overhauled.

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