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fuel pressure sensors

Fuel Pressure Sensors

The fuel pressure sensor is used to control the fuel pressure in the fuel circuit, maintain a constant fuel supply pressure to the injector, and return excess fuel to the fuel tank. The fuel pressure acts directly on the diaphragm of the sensor, causing the diaphragm to produce a micro-displacement proportional to the medium pressure, so that the resistance of the sensor changes, and the electronic circuit detects this change, converts and outputs a standard signal which is corresponding to this pressure.

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Key Features of Fuel Pressure Sensors

Easy installation

Long life

Stable performance

How To Test Fuel Pressure Sensors?

The detection method of the fuel pressure sensor is as follows:

1) Check whether the terminals of the fuel pressure sensor, the engine wiring harness, and the ECM connector are damaged. If so, repair or replace them.

2) Monitor fuel pressure. During engine operation, use the IN-SITE laptop to check the sensor fuel pressure, the fuel pressure at idle is 34.47MPa, and the maximum fuel pressure is 103.42MPa. If not, the fuel pressure sensor should be replaced.

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