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combination switches

Combination Switches

The combination switch is installed on the steering column sheath of the vehicle, and generally has two handles. The dimmer and light switch combination is mainly used to control the light functions, including the turn signal and the wiper function. It is a combination light switch that is frequently operated in the car headlight parts system. The combination light switch's light/wiper function generally sends the signal to the BCM through the LIN or CAN bus, then the BCM judges and processes the signal, and then sends the signal to the actuator to realize the relevant functions.

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Key Features of Combination Light Switches

Play the corresponding role of power switch equipment to start and close.

The handles are installed on the steering column and can be controlled on the left and right sides, which is convenient for the driver to use and operate.

Different functions can be switched and turned on and off.

With anti-interference ability.

How To Test Combination Switches?

If you are having trouble operating the turn signals, headlights, or wipers, you may need to replace the combination light switch assembly. Combination light switches are electronic switch assemblies that control various vehicle functions. These combination switches are most commonly used to control turn signals, high and low beams, and wipers. It is usually mounted on the left side of the steering column for easy operation by the driver. Since the combination light switch, a type of car spares and parts, controls several functions that are important to the safe operation of the vehicle, when it goes wrong, some functions may be disabled, which may affect safety. Often, a bad or malfunctioning combination light switch produces symptoms that can alert the driver to a potential problem that requires repair.

1. The problem of operating the turn signals

One of the first symptoms of problems with the combination switch assembly is operating the turn signals. Turn signals are the most commonly used parts in combination switches and therefore wear out the fastest. If the mechanism or electrical contacts that activate the turn signal light wear out, this can cause problems with the turn signals. Worn contacts can cause the turn signal lever to work intermittently, or not work at all.

2. Headlight operation problem

Another symptom of a potential problem with a combination light switch is operating the headlights. For vehicles with a combination switch built into the headlight switch, if the combination light switch is worn or damaged, it can cause problems with the headlights. A broken switch can cause the headlights to only work at certain settings, or not turn them on at all.

3. Wiper operation problem

Wiper operation issues are another issue often associated with poor combination light switches. If the lever or knob that operates the wiper is broken or worn, the wiper will not actuate properly. Depending on the exact problem, the wipers may work intermittently, only on certain settings, or not work at all.

As an experienced auto spare parts supplier, we have to stress that the combination switch controls several functions that are important to the safe operation of the vehicle. Therefore, if your vehicle exhibits any of the above symptoms, have the vehicle inspected by a professional technician. They will be able to determine if your car needs replacement of the combination switch assembly.

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