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neutral safety switches

Neutral Safety Switches

The neutral safety switch is one of the vehicle safety switches to prevent accidents, which plays a role in safety protection. When the vehicle is not in the parking gear or neutral, the starting is disconnected to prevent accidents caused by the starter running, and can also prevent starting in mode of driving or reversing.

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Key Features of Neutral Safety Switches

Make the vehicle more safe.

The neutral safety switch circuit is open and the start relay is also open.

What Symptoms Will Have If Neutral Safety Switch Is Broken?

The function of the neutral safety switch will avoid the danger caused by the forward or backward of the vehicle when the gear lever is in the driving gear due to the driver's negligence before the engine is started, so as to increase the safety of the vehicle.

The vehicle neutral safety switch is broken. The symptoms are as follows:

1. The transmission fault indicator light on the instrument will light up.

2. If the neutral safety switch is broken, it may cause abnormal gear shifting.

3. If the neutral safety switch is broken, the vehicle may can not be started, the fuel collection may falter, and the engine speed may be too high after stepping on the clutch.

4. If the neutral safety switch is broken, abnormal shift signals may be input, affecting driving comfort.

If these symptoms are happened, it is recommended to go to the repair shop for inspection and maintenance in time.

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