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Starting System in Automobile

Starting System in Automobile

Therefore, the whole process from when the crankshaft starts to rotate under the action of external force to when the engine starts to automatically idling is called starting of the engine. The device required to complete the starting process is called the starting system of the engine. As a trusted and professional auto spare parts supplier, our starting system includes components of battery, ignition switch, starter assembly, starter relay, etc.

Types of Starting System

How Does The Starting System Work?

The vehicle battery provides electric energy to the vehicle starting system. Under the control of the ignition switch and the starting relay, the starter converts the electric energy into mechanical energy, which drives the engine flywheel ring gear and the crankshaft to rotate, so that the engine enters a self-running state.

The working process of the vehicle starting system has the following steps.

Step 1, turn the ignition starter switch to the ON gear with the key, the dashboard is powered on, and the vehicle enters the ready-to-start state after a few seconds.

Step 2, turn on the SRART gear of the ignition switch to connect the battery and the circuit of the starting system.

Step 3, the starter relay is energized, the relay has two functions, one is to connect the circuit between the starter and the battery, and the other is to control the shifting of the fork to make the drive gear of the starter mesh with the engine flywheel.

Step 4, after the starter is powered on, the main shaft rotates under the action of electromagnetism.

Step 5, the drive gear on the main shaft of the starter rotates, which drives the engine flywheel and crankshaft to rotate. In order to increase the torque, the gear ratio of the starter gear to the engine flywheel is generally 13:17, which makes the engine start easier.

Step 6, under normal conditions, after a short start, the engine can enter the automatic running state.

Step 7, the engine will start after entering the automatic operation state. At the same time, under the action of the one-way clutch, the drive gear of the starter will automatically disengage with the engine.

Step 8, So far, a normal start is completed. But now the general starting system also has a safety protection circuit, which is to ensure that when the engine is running, the starter will not start due to misoperation. This is usually by monitoring the operation of the engine to control whether the starter can be turned on.

Diagram of Starting System

The vehicle starting system converts the electrical energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy. To achieve this conversion, a starter must be used. The function of the starter is to generate power from the DC motor, and to drive the engine crankshaft to rotate through each mechanism, thereby realizing the starting of the engine. The starting system includes car spares and parts for battery, ignition switch, starter, starter relay, etc.

Starting System Diagram

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