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Car Ignition Components

Car Ignition Components

The car ignition system is generating enough strong sparks to ignite the combustible fuel-gas mixture.

The requirements for the car ignition system components,

Car Ignition System Components List

How Does The Car Ignition Parts Work?

The mainly working principle of the automobile ignition system is auto ignition coil and car spark plug.

An ignition coil can generate a high voltage enough to ignite a spark between the spark plug electrodes. Both the primary coil and the secondary coil surround the iron core. The number of turns of the secondary coil is approximately 100 times that of the primary coil. One end of the primary coil is connected to the igniter, and one end of the secondary coil is connected to the spark plug. The other end of each of the two coils is connected to the battery.

When the engine is running, according to the ignition timing signal (IGT) output by the engine ECU, the battery current flows to the primary coil through the igniter. As a result, magnetic lines of force are generated around the coil, which contains a magnetic core in the center.

When the engine continues to run, the igniter quickly stops the current flowing to the primary coil according to the ignition timing signal (IGT) output by the engine electronic control unit (ECU). As a result, the magnetic flux of the primary coil begins to decrease. Therefore, the self-inductance of the primary coil and the mutual inductance of the secondary coil generates an electromotive force (EMF) in a direction that prevents the existing magnetic flux from attenuating. The self-inductance effect produces an electromotive force of about 500V, and the accompanying mutual inductance effect of the secondary coil produces a high voltage electromotive force of about 30kV so that the spark plug generates a spark discharge. The faster the primary current is cut off, and the greater the primary current value, the higher the corresponding secondary voltage.

How Does The Car Ignition Parts Work

The high voltage generated by the secondary winding of the ignition coil generates a spark between the center electrode and the ground electrode of the spark plug to ignite the compressed combustible mixture in the cylinder. The spark produced on the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture, and this process is usually called combustion in automobile maintenance work.

The spark passes through the combustible mixture from the center electrode to the ground electrode. As a result, the combustible mixture is triggered along the path of the spark, generating a chemical reaction (through oxidation), and at the same time generating heat, forming the center of the flame.

The center of the flame triggers the surrounding combustible mixture, so that the heat in the center of the flame spreads outwards (called flame propagation) and ignites the combustible mixture. If the temperature of the spark plug electrode is too low or the electrode gap is too small, the electrode will absorb the heat generated by the spark. As a result, the center of the flame will be extinguished, causing a lack of fire. This phenomenon is called "electrode quenching." If the electrode quenching effect is obvious, the center of the flame will be extinguished. The smaller the electrode, the smaller the quenching effect; the closer the electrode shape is to a square, the easier it is to discharge.

How To Wire Points Car Ignition System Parts?

As one of professional and responsible car spares suppliers, we have to mention that the automotive electronic ignition system is the current mainstream automotive ignition system. The working principle is to turn on the ignition switch, the engine rotates, the Hall signal generator in the distributor triggers the blades of the impeller, and periodically passes through the air gap of the sensor. When the blade enters the air gap, the magnetic field on the Hall element is shielded, and no Hall voltage is generated. The signal voltage output by the Hall signal generator is a high voltage. The signal enters the igniter through the igniter socket. The internal circuit of the igniter turns on the high-power transistor VT and connects to the primary circuit. The circuit is: battery "+" → ignition switch → ignition coil primary winding → igniter high-power tube → ground → battery "-" pole. When the trigger impeller leaves the air gap, a magnetic field is applied to the Hall element to generate a Hall voltage, the signal generator outputs a low voltage, the igniter high-power tube VT is cut off, and the primary circuit is cut off. The secondary generates a high voltage and sparks through the spark plug. Ignite the mixture of fuel-air.

How To Wire Points Car Ignition System Parts


Car Ignition System Parts FAQs

What are the advantages of an electronic ignition system?

An electronic ignition system offers numerous advantages compared to traditional systems. It ensures improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, smoother engine operation, easy maintenance, increased reliability, and enhanced performance. Explore the wide range of high-quality car ignition parts and system components at MAPMS.

What is the most important part of the ignition system?

The ignition coil is the most important component of the ignition system as it transforms the battery's low voltage to the high voltage needed to create a spark in the spark plugs. Find top-quality car ignition parts and system components at MAPMS, like the ignition coil block.

Signs of a failing distributor in the car's ignition system

Several signs indicate a failing distributor in the car's ignition system, such as stalling or misfiring engine, difficulty starting the vehicle, decreased fuel efficiency, and unusual noises.

The significance of ignition system upgrades for fuel efficiency

Upgrading the ignition system significantly improves fuel efficiency by ensuring optimal combustion. High-quality car ignition parts and system components from MAPMS can enhance spark intensity, promote complete fuel burn, and ultimately maximize fuel economy for your vehicle.

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