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Quality Control

The competition of a company depends on products, and the competition of products depends on quality. Therefore, the quality of products is the key to the survival and development of a company. As one of the leading automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers, Mayauto attaches great importance to quality control. In order to produce qualified and customer satisfied parts, Mayauto has set up a special quality control department, which strictly controls every link in the production process. The followings are the company's specific measures of quality control.

Auto Spare Parts Quality Control

"According to MAPMS quality control process standard (ISO9001: 2008 management system), only meet these conditions in listed, can be MAPMS contract manufacturing partners.


Condition A, has at least 10 years of manufacturing experience.


Condition B, has OEM supply experience of carmakers.


Condition C, has 16949 certification.


Condition D, has a professional R&D team.


Condition E, has advantageous inventory for raw material and finished parts, which can be manufacturing in time and fast lead time.


Condition F, has sophisticated manufacturing facilities and clean manufacturing environment.

Auto Spare Parts Quality Control Auto Spare Parts Quality Control
Automotive Spare Parts Quality Control

IQC, Incoming Material Quality Control, Inspection on the raw materials, components, and parts from contract manufacturers before manufacturing.


IPQC, In Process Quality Control, Monitor the assigned process to ensure defected raw materials or components will not pass into the next process.


FQC, Final Quality Control, Inspection on every piece of finished parts before proceeding to packing.


QA, Quality Assurance, The final random inspection on finished parts. Make sure finished parts are in good condition according to AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) standard.

Automotive Spare Parts Quality Control Automotive Spare Parts Quality Control
Auto Car Spare Parts Quality Control

The process of transportation includes contract manufacturers, MAPMS warehouse and customer warehouses. Safe packing and reliable transportation will make sure goods can be transported to the destination safely and without damage. MAPMS provides service of the most of optimal transportation plan for every orders.


*The safe packing method will vary with the space size, weight, material and fragility of products. Outside carton and water-proof is basic element..

For fragile products, the conbination packing of bubble bag and inner carton.

For products made of steel or iron, the conbination packing of stretch film and carton.


*The reliable transportation methods will vary with the space size and gross weight of packed goods and if urgently to receive. Customers will receive best shipping quotes from reliable international express, air freight, sea freight or land transportation.

Auto Car Spare Parts Quality Control Auto Car Spare Parts Quality Control
Auto Spares Quality Control

Samples or technical assistance will be ready to customers if product certification is necessary in customer's local market.


In some case that some products that does not comply with local legal sales standards or violates some regulations without knowing it, such as Product Quality Standards Association, Consumer Association, Environmental Protection Association or other organizations, customers can contact MAPMS to make products changes or adjustments until they meet relevant regulations.


MAPMS has a customer service management system, collecting information of feedbacks or complaints about quality issues from end-users to customers. Customers will get the best solution of return or exchange products after analyzing this feedback information. This system is conducive to further improving the quality management system.

Auto Spares Quality Control Auto Spares Quality Control
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