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Car Engine Oil Filters

Under normal circumstances, the operation of engine parts will produce metal debris, incoming dust, carbon deposits oxidized at high temperatures, and partial water vapor will continue to mix into the lubricated oil, and in engine lubrication system, the service life of the oil will be reduced over time will affect the normal operation of the engine. MAPMS's full-flow oil filter can filter impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles in the lubricated oil to protect the engine. It has high performance for strong filtering ability, small flow resistance and long service life.

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Key Features of Oil Filters

High filtration precision, filtering out all particles > 30 um.

Reduces particles (< 3 um - 30 um) that enter lubrication gaps and cause wear.

The filtered oil flow corresponds to the engine oil demand.

Long replacement cycle.

Filtration accuracy exceeds industry requirements.

Large dust holding capacity, suitable for harsh environments.

Can adapt to higher oil temperature and corrosive environment.

The pressure difference is low when filtering the oil, which ensures that the oil can pass smoothly.

How To Test Oil Filters?

1. Check the font clarity. The surface of the high-quality oil filter has clear and neat fonts, exquisite workmanship, and no bumps and burrs. Inferior ones have blurred fonts and rough surfaces. The paint is not strong enough and is easy to fall off when the nails are scratched.

2. Look at the packaging to verify the anti-counterfeiting code. The high-quality oil filter has a complete package, and is marked with the brand, anti-counterfeiting code and other signs, verify the QR code on the package to verify whether it is genuine.

3. Look at the filter paper. We all know that the function of the oil filter is to filter impurities, dust, etc, so the quality of the filter paper is directly related to the performance of the product. Generally, the gap between the holes of the good filter paper is small, which can be well filtered, and the workmanship is relatively neat. It is made of professional filter paper. The inferior filter paper is generally rough, not a professional filter paper, made of cheap cotton pulp paper, and the filtering effect is poor.

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