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fuel filters

Fuel Filters

  • For vehicle engines, the Fuel Filter includes Diesel Filter and Fuel Filter

Diesel Filter elements mostly use filter paper, and some use felt or polymer materials. Diesel filters can be divided into diesel water separators and diesel fine filters. The important function of the fuel-water separator is to separate the water in the diesel. The existence of water is extremely harmful to the automobile fuel system, and corrosion, wear, and sticking will even worsen the combustion process of diesel. If the sulfur content in diesel is high, it may even react with water to form sulfuric acid that corrodes engine components when combustion occurs.

EFI Fuel Filters are popular used in modern cars. The fuel filters of EFI engines are located on the outlet side of the fuel pump, and the working pressure is relatively high, usually using a metal casing. The filter element of the fuel filter mostly uses filter paper, and some also use nylon cloth and polymer materials. As the combustion method of the fuel engine is different from that of the diesel engine, the overall requirements are not as harsh as the diesel filter, so the price is cheap.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Filters ?

  • Engine Power Reduction

Rapid acceleration is weak and the power drops significantly when the car is running with a large load. A slight blockage of the fuel filter element will generally make the fuel supply not smooth, resulting in a decrease in engine power.

The engine vibrates when idling. The moderate blockage of the fuel filter element will not only prevent the power of the car from becoming worse, but also cause the engine to shake when the car is idling.

It is difficult to start or the car cannot be started directly. When the fuel filter is seriously blocked, the car will be difficult to start or even unable to start. Like sometimes need to fire 2-5 times to hit.

  • The Fuel Filter Leaks Oil

If the internal leakage occurs, the filtering function will fail, and the impurities in the fuel will directly enter the engine room. If there is an external leak, fuel will leak out, the fuel pressure will decrease, the fuel consumption will increase, and there is a possibility of fire and explosion. Once an fuel leak is found, it is necessary to stop the engine immediately in a safe area for maintenance.

Increase mechanical wear. Since impurities are not filtered, the fuel circuit and fuel injection system will corrode and damage over time.

The function of the fuel filter is to filter out the solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel or water, also keep fuel clean, reduce mechanical wear and ensure the stable operation of the engine.

  • Replacement Cycle

Of course, the above fault phenomena need to be eliminated after other faults can be determined to be the problem of the fuel filter, because the fault phenomenon caused by the problem of the fuel filter is similar to the fault of the fuel system (such as blockage of the fuel injector, etc.). The fuel filter also needs maintenance. Usually, it is easy to ignore the maintenance and make the fuel filter too dirty or blocked.

It should be noted that the replacement cycle of the fuel filter actually depends on the road conditions and fuel quality of the car, but the fuel filter is generally recommended to be replaced at about 30,000 kilometers as a preventive replacement vehicle component, which is a conservative replacement cycle.

Fuel Filter Performance Characteristics

In a circuit fuel system, if the filter is installed in the fuel line, it is called the external filter (External), otherwise, the internal filter (Internal) refers to the filter installed inside the fuel pump and the fuel tank. Moreover, the fuel tank filter or its protective cover is generally considered a maintenance-free component.

A non-circuit fuel system has only one internal filter (in the fuel tank), although this all-in-one pump, filter, and delivery unit is expensive, but when the fuel delivery is blocked or the performance of the engine is degraded as a result, it must also be properly and timely maintained.

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