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Block Ignition Coils

Block ignition coil has an built-in ignition module, usually 2, 4 or 6 ignition coils that control multiple spark plugs through the ignition lead without the need for a distributor. The ignition module adopts advanced chips, a car ignition coil with stable quality and accurate signal.

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Key Features of Block Ignition Coils

ignition coil block with stable quality.

ignition coil block with accurate signal.

How Do You Test Block Ignition Coils?

Block ignition coils have types for one outlet, two-outlet, four-outlet or six-outlet. When the twin-cylinder block ignition coils fail, it will cause two or four cylinders to not work (take a four-cylinder engine as an example), which manifests as the engine cannot be started or is difficult to start, idling stalls, and poor acceleration.

Detection method: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between cylinders 1, 4, 2, and 3 at the high-voltage end of the ignition coil with a multimeter at 20kΩ. Normally, there should be a certain resistance value. If the resistance value is infinite, it means that the secondary winding of the ignition coil is open circuit, and the auto ignition coil should be replaced. If the ignition coil is not faulty, check the connection wire of the ignition coil and whether there is an open circuit between the connection wire and the control computer.

Do Coil Packs Add Horsepower ?

While block ignition coils, a crucial component among car ignition parts, primarily ensure a smooth and efficient ignition process, they don’t directly add horsepower. However, they can indirectly influence performance. A high-quality block ignition coil ensures optimal spark delivery, which can lead to better combustion, maximizing your engine’s existing horsepower and overall performance. Trust MAPMS for reliable ignition coils.

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