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exhaust gas recirculation valves

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves

The EGR valve is a mechatronic product installed on modern electronically controlled engine to control the amount of exhaust gas recirculation feed back to the intake system. It is usually located on the right side of the intake manifold, near the throttle body, and is connected to it by a short metal tube leading to the exhaust manifold. It controls the amount of exhaust gas entering the intake manifold, so that a certain amount of exhaust gas flows into the intake manifold for recirculation. The EGR valve is a very important and critical component in the exhaust gas recirculation device and other automotive fuel system parts.

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Key Features of Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves

Precise control the amount of exhaust gas recirculation.

Effectively reduce engine NOx emissions.

Exhaust emission up to standard.

Reduce fuel consumption, improve engine efficiency and improve economic efficiency.

Reduce exhaust gas temperature and reduce nitrogen oxide generation.

How To Test Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves?

The engine EGR valve can reduce the NOx emission and is the valve of the exhaust gas recirculation system. If the EGR valve is broken, the idling speed is extremely unstable or even stalls, the fault light flashes, the annual inspection emission does not meet the standard, the engine oil burns, and the exhaust blue smoke.

The steps to detect the EGR valve are as follows.

1. Unplug the EGR valve wire plug, first find the power supply and ground wire of the EGR valve.

2. Clamp one end of the 5W test light to the grounding position, and insert one end into No. 1 on the EGR plug. The test light is on, indicating that it is the power supply line of the EGR valve. Then No. 2 is the negative pole, which is also the duty cycle signal line controlled by the engine ECU. The last three lines are the potentiometer signal lines.

3. Adjust the multimeter to the 20V gear, and insert the two test leads of the multimeter into the power supply and grounding of the potentiometer signal line, which is normally 5V.

4. Then insert the plug into the EGR valve, and measure the signal voltage in the EGR valve. It is normally about 0.7V. If it exceeds the normal range, the EGR valve is damaged.

5. The coolant inside the cooler will gradually form carbon deposits or rapidly form carbon deposits due to the failure of other power cylinders. You can use a safe solvent or mineral oil to clean the inside of the cooler, and completely fill up the EGR cooler module assembly. Place the module surface up, soak the EGR cooler for a period of time, and drain the liquid in the EGR cooler.

6. Rinse with mineral oil or solvent, and dry the inside of the EGR cooler with compressed air. Shake intermittently to remove loose debris from inside the EGR coolant, flush the coolant side of the cooler with water to reduce the chance of solvents or cleaners getting into the coolant.

The EGR valve reduces the temperature of the combustion chamber by guiding the exhaust gas discharged from the engine combustion to the intake manifold to participate in the combustion, improving the working efficiency of the engine, improving the combustion environment, and reducing the burden on the engine. Effectively reduce the emission of NO compounds, reduce knocking, and prolong the service life of each component. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time.

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