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Parking Assist System

Parking Assist System

As long as the vehicle is equipped with a DVD host or a navigation host with AV input, the function of the parking assist system can be realized. For the special visual reversing system for special cars, the requirements are higher. The parameters such as waterproof level, image sensor, signal format, effective pixels, horizontal definition, angle, and illumination have relative numerical requirements, so the reversing image is clearer and more accurate.

The parking assist system of Wuyue Auto has the following functions:

The screen will automatically switch to the reversing rear view screen with installing the reversing camera and putting to the "R" gear, to dynamically monitor the environment behind the car in real time. Obstacles behind the car are unobstructed.

The mirrors are easily obscured in foggy evironment, but the special car camera has five advantages: high-definition, waterproof, anti-fog, high-sensitivity and infrared night vision, even display the rear picture in high-definition even in foggy days.

The cameras all have infrared night vision function, and the reversing picture at night can also achieve high-definition picture quality.

Types of Parking Assist System

How Does The Parking Assist System Work?

The Parking Assist System consists of a ultrasonic radar ECU, a buzzer and several (usually 4) ultrasonic sensors installed on the rear bumper. If a backup camera is fitted, an image of the area behind the vehicle is displayed on the navigation screen.

The ultrasonic radar system uses ultrasonic signals, controlled by the microcomputer in the ultrasonic radar host, and then compares the signal return time to calculate the obstacle distance during the process of transmitting and receiving signals from the probe, and then the alarm will emit different alarm sounds. Distance to obstacle = time difference between sending and receiving × speed of sound/2.

When the vehicle is in reverse gear, the ultrasonic radar ECU uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the area around the rear bumper. If an object is detected in the monitored area, the audible alarm device in the instrument assembly will issue an audible warning. The system can detect relatively hard solid obstacles as well as objects such as barbed wire and fences.

Diagram of Parking Assist System

When the parking assist system works, the ceramic piece vibrates after the microprocessor issues a command, resonates with the aluminum alloy shell to form ultrasonic waves, and emits it to the surrounding. Sound waves around and behind are not needed, and sound-absorbing materials must be added to reduce these disturbances. After the ultrasonic wave is launched, it will form an echo when it encounters an obstacle, and the echo is received by the same aluminum alloy shell and ceramic plate in the form of vibration.

Parking Assistant System Diagram

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