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Fault Analysis of Car Air Conditioner Compressor

Car air conditioner compressor Abnormal Noise Repair. Nowadays, car air conditioning has become an essential equipment of cars, but many car owners have found abnormal noise in the car air conditioning compressor during driving and don't know what to do. How can we repair car air conditioning compressor abnormal noise? What are the methods?

Car air conditioner compressor plays a very important role in compressing and delivering refrigerant vapor for automobiles. The normal operation of the car refrigeration system is also inseparable from its role. There are many reasons for the failure of car air conditioning compressors. As a high-speed rotating working component, the probability of failure is relatively high. Here are several common faults that we will introduce to you, making it easy to solve.

The most common fault of the car air conditioner compressor is abnormal noise

When the car air conditioner compressor makes an abnormal sound during operation, you need to pay attention, don't be careless, as this is the most direct place where the failure occurs. Therefore, you must pay attention. The abnormal sound is because the installation position of the compressor electromagnetic clutch is generally close to the ground, and it often runs from low speed to high speed under high load. It is unavoidable to come into contact with rainwater and mud. When the bearing in the electromagnetic clutch is damaged, Abnormal noise will be generated.

First, check the air conditioning belt, whether the screws are loose, whether the belt is oily, and whether the belt is worn. If there is a problem with the electromagnetic clutch, just replace the electromagnetic clutch, without replacing the clutch assembly. If it still fails to be resolved, further judgment is required.

The car air conditioner compressor appears to be stuck during operation

During the operation of the air conditioning compressor, it is sometimes stuck. The reason for the stuck is mainly poor lubrication. When lubricating oil is often lacking, it needs to be taken seriously because the car air conditioner compressor may produce serious abnormal noise, which may even cause the compressor to wear out and be scrapped.

In this case, you should check whether there is a slip phenomenon in the clutch or a problem with the transmission belt.

Car air conditioner compressor leakage

Refrigerant leakage is the most common problem in the air conditioning system. There are two types of leakage from the car air conditioner compressor, oil leakage and gas leakage. The location where the compressor and the high and low-pressure pipes are combined is usually the part where the compressor leaks, and the pressure inside the air conditioning system is high. There is a pressure relief valve on the air conditioning compressor. The pressure relief valve is usually disposable. After the system pressure is too high and the pressure is relieved, the pressure relief valve should be replaced in time.

Car air conditioner compressor has many reasons for faults. It is generally not recommended that you solve it yourself when a fault occurs. It is recommended that you go to a professional place for repairs. In addition, even during the maintenance process, you must pay attention to matters like environmental requirements and operation. Moreover, good daily habits should be developed, which is the best secret to ensure that your car air conditioning is used for a longer time.

After reading the above content, you know the common faults of the car air conditioning compressor. However, for safety reasons, we recommend that you go to a repair shop for insurance if you are not sure. If you encounter any faults with your car's air conditioning compressor, it is highly recommended to seek professional assistance from a repair shop that specializes in coil pack rubber boot replacements and other compressor repairs. Ensuring your safety and the proper functioning of your car's AC system is paramount, and expert technicians at MAPMS can provide the necessary expertise and maintenance services for a longer-lasting and reliable air conditioning compressor in your vehicle.

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