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Inspection and Attention to the Use of Car AC Compressors

Check before use of car air conditioner compressor.

External inspection

Before using the air conditioner for the first time, the air conditioning system should be checked externally, such as checking the refrigerant and air conditioning through the liquid storage dryer. Check if the filter element is too dirty, if there are any foreign objects in the radiator, if the drive belt of the Car air conditioner compressor is tight enough, and if there are any loose bolts in various places.

Check at idle speed

Start the engine at idle speed when the Car air conditioner compressor is turned on, and observe whether it starts normally. When it is in operation, check the refrigeration effect and observe whether there are any abnormal noises or smells in the air conditioning system. If it works normally, turn off the air conditioning switch after about 2-5 minutes, and start it again after about 5 minutes. If it cannot be started or the refrigeration effect is not ideal, it should be checked at the service station.

Check the engine water temperature

Observe the engine water temperature after the air conditioning is turned on for a period of time. If the temperature is high, it may be caused by the condenser surface being too dirty (such as cotton, dust, etc.), the electronic fan not working, or the pressure controller not working. If the above problems are discovered, the operation of the air conditioning system should be stopped immediately and repaired at the service station.       If the water temperature is too high due to the small engine power and the increased load caused by turning on the air conditioning, the air conditioning should be temporarily suspended until the water temperature returns to normal.

Precautions for using car air conditioner compressor

Do not use the air conditioning immediately after the car is exposed to the sun

If the car has been parked in the sun for a long time, do not use the air conditioning immediately after the vehicle is started. Open all the windows and turn on the outer circulation first to exhaust the hot air. After the temperature inside the car drops, close the windows and turn on the air conditioning.

The air conditioning temperature should not be set too low

Do not set the air conditioning temperature too low, because the low temperature will affect your health. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car should be within 10℃.

Do not smoke when the air conditioning is on

When the air conditioning is on in the car, passengers should not smoke. If smoking is necessary, adjust the ventilation control of the air conditioning to the "outer circulation" position.

Do not sleep in the air-conditioned car

Avoid sleeping in an air-conditioned car when parked, as poor ventilation in the car and carbon monoxide leakage from the engine exhaust may cause poisoning.

Replace or clean the air conditioning filter element in a timely manner

To ensure the freshness and hygiene of the air in the car, please replace or clean the air conditioning filter element in a timely manner.

To ensure the optimal performance of your car's air conditioning system and prevent any potential issues, it is important to pay attention to regular maintenance tasks such as inspecting and cleaning the coil pack rubber boot. At MAPMS, we provide reliable and high-quality air conditioning compressor components, including coil pack rubber boots, to help you keep your car's AC system in excellent condition.

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