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The Car Engine Is Actually Durable, But You Can Scrap It in Minutes by Doing These 4 Things!

A car's most valuable asset is its engine, but if the engine is not well maintained, it can be scrap in minutes. Today, MAPMS will talk about some easy-to-do operations that can easily kill your car's engine. Everyone should pay attention to avoid them.

Antifreeze for the starter motor

First of all, it is very important to pay attention to antifreeze, especially in winter, which is now the case. Yes, there is a trick to adding antifreeze, especially in the northern region. If we use ordinary tap water or any other liquid instead of antifreeze, your engine is very likely to be scrapped.

The reason is simple. In areas where the lowest temperature in winter can reach below 0℃, if ordinary water is used instead of antifreeze, the water will expand and crack the car's water tank because the volume of ordinary water will increase when it becomes ice.

In addition, ordinary tap water contains a lot of impurities, which easily lead to scale, and even block the small waterways inside the engine, causing poor circulation, failure to cool the engine, and resulting in excessive water temperature, such as cylinder pulling and other situations. That's why it's called antifreeze.

Oil for the starter motor

Regarding the maintenance of the engine of the electric motor starter, we usually pay close attention to the oil, which is the lubricating oil. Lubricating oil has basically two functions, one is lubrication, which is its main function, and the other is for cooling.

If you add poor quality lubricating oil to your car, it can easily cause insufficient lubrication, which can cause many high temperature, high pressure, high speed moving parts inside the engine to be damaged due to excessive friction.

Air filter for the starter motor

In addition to water and oil, there is also air, which is the intake starting system in automobile of the engine. Poor quality air filters can also cause serious engine failures. After all, our engine operates by burning a mixture of air and fuel. Unqualified air also affects the engine. Poor air filters can cause insufficient intake, causing the engine computer to misjudge and increasing the production of carbon deposits.

Modification of the starter motor

Finally, it is mindless modification. Many friends think that upgrading the vehicle's power means adding a turbocharger or something similar, as if you can't leave home without a turbocharger.

But you should understand that not all car models are suitable for this thing, not to mention how good the installation skills are? Many engine cylinder blocks themselves may not be able to withstand the large intake pressure and internal pressure changes caused by combustion temperatures. After modification, the engine may be scrapped directly.

In summary, if you want to keep a car in good working condition, normal maintenance is essential. As for modifications and the like, it is not recommended to do it easily. First, you may not have the skills to do it, and second, modification itself is now in a gray area.

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